Woman Regrets Getting Up Close to Alpaca: 'Guide Told Us They Love Kisses'

An animal lover got an unpleasant surprise after getting a little too close to an alpaca in shocking footage widely shared online.

A TikToker posting as sooyeunyi was made to regret her brief moment of affection after the distinctive South American camelid mammal reacted in unpleasant fashion to them being at close quarters.

Though alpacas are known as largely friendly and harmless animals, this particular encounter is likely to put some people off cozying up to them again. In the video, a woman can be seen standing face to face with an alpaca among a herd of the distinctive-looking animals.

A woman and an alpaca.
An animal lover got an unpleasant surprise after getting a little too close to an alpaca in shocking footage widely shared online. Pictured: Stock image of a woman and an alpaca. Getty Images/bennymarty

For a brief moment, it appears as though the two are about to share a moment of affection with the alpaca leaning forward slightly and the woman doing the same. Milliseconds later, however, things take a disgusting turn for the worse with the alpaca releasing a wave of spit in her direction.

The phlegm-like substance appears to engulf her entire face and some of her hair, while the person filming the action lets out an audible gasp. The video, which has been viewed 3 million times on TikTok, can be seen here.

While alpacas are seen as friendly, spitting is unfortunately part and parcel of life for the species.

According to the farming information resource website Savvy Farm Life, "alpacas spit for a variety of reasons, including self-defense, food competition, and to ward off the advances of a persistent male."

However, they also add: "When a human is spat on by an alpaca, it is often the result of being caught in the crossfire of an alpaca disagreement."

While the footage made for a difficult watch, few on social media seemed to have much in the way of sympathy for the woman in the clip. Datzlifesocal commented: "How could you not see that coming? You deserved that."

Allyokiee agreed, asking: "I mean wth did you expect, a kiss?"

Scuttlemoops, meanwhile, was more preoccupied with "the force" behind the spit while Katie McHale couldn't believe the way the animal then continued chewing "like nothing happened." Pocketlint added: "I love that even the other alpacas were shocked and stunned."

Elsewhere, Janice Park wrote: "I've watched this five times and I still can't get over it" while The Model Nurse was shocked at "the way her hair blew" as a result of the spit.

Stylingwithkenzie was similarly stunned, writing: "I would've had to go to the hospital right then and there."

Despite the criticism, sooyeunyi attempted to defend the actions of her friend in the clip, explaining that "the guide told us they love kisses."

To further prove her point, she also shared a second clip, which can be viewed here, showing the unnamed facility's "Alpaca Rules," which include "Have fun and enjoy those alpaca kisses."

Newsweek has contacted sooyeunyi and the British Alpaca Society for comment.