Woman Tries to Remove Mole on Her Face With Drill and It Ends in Disaster

A woman attempted to remove a mole on her cheek using an electric drill in a shocking video, as she later admitted to "ruining" her face.

Lillyrosehockley shared a series of clips to TikTok earlier this week, as she captioned the first one on Monday: "Do not recommend drilling a mole off."

It shows the TikToker from Spain using what appears to be a nail drill on her cheek. In a follow-up video she uses yet another drill attachment on the mole.

"Wait until the scab comes off," she says, showing a painful-looking wound on her right cheek.

Hockley documented the healing process, sharing side-by-side views of the first day and the third day of her DIY treatment.

When asked why she took such drastic action, she confessed she "hated it," referring to the mole.

And responding to why she didn't seek professional help, she said: "Doctors are hard to see in Spain."

She shared further clips showing a large red patch on her face as her skin appeared to heal, as she played with her dogs saying: "At least they like me with a scab on my face."

She also shared footage of herself slathered in "face products," including Bio-Oil and Sudocrem, as she updated fans: "It is working haha, just waiting for redness to go a bit."

As the healing progressed, she kept sharing regular updates, and admitted: "Think I've ruined my face."

And despite having taken such drastic steps to remove the mole, she said: "Think I miss it now."

People have reacted in horror at the DIY treatment, claiming she'll soon regret her decision.

"Dude that is so dangerous omg," Lady Devil wrote.

Uh added: "This can make it cancerous."

Plsdontbanme warned: "That was very dangerous to do. You could've gotten a serious infection. Don't do this again."

Jude Jude Jude pointed out: "Girl that scar's gonna last years."

While Vickiic8678 pointed out: "You do realise it will grow back because you haven't removed the roots from under the skin right??"

CC agreed, saying: "Now it's gonna be worse than before."

In response to people telling her the patch of skin will be discolored, lillyrosehockley said: "I'll fake tan it."

Dr. Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist based in London and author of The Skincare Bible, confirmed to Newsweek people shouldn't attempt this themselves.

She said: "This is dangerous for multiple reasons. Aside from the obvious risks of bleeding, scarring and infection, moles should always be reviewed to check they aren't cancerous before they are partially removed in this manner. There is otherwise a risk of missing skin cancer or it theoretically seeding and spreading."

Newsweek has reached out to lillyrosehockley for a comment.

Woman with birthmarks on her face
Stock image of a woman with birthmarks on her face. A TikToker has shocked people online after removing a mole on her face with a drill. Albina Gavrilovic/Getty Images