California Woman Repeatedly Stabs Boyfriend After Two-Day Argument, Police Say

A woman was arrested in Victorville, California last week, after being accused of stabbing her boyfriend multiple times following a two-day long argument, police said on Monday.

Kelliana Matthews, 26, was arrested on January 4 and charged with attempted murder. She is being held in prison on a $1 million bond and is appearing in Victorville Superior Court on Monday.

Officials said that the attack followed a two-day row between the victim and his girlfriend, who was identified as Matthews.

Victorville Police said that on February 4, Matthews was arguing with her boyfriend in front of a house in the 13900 block of Victoria Drive. During the argument, Matthews allegedly began stabbing her 26-year-old boyfriend with a knife.

The boyfriend sustained multiple wounds to his upper and lower torso and was able to get away from the scene and drive himself to the hospital, police said. Matthews later arrived at the hospital and she was arrested.

Law enforcement is asking anyone with information about the case to contact Deputy J. Ortega at the Victorville Police Department at 760-241-2911 or Sheriff's Dispatch at 760-956-5001.

Domestic abuse has been on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus lockdowns have led to rising frustration and more people being confined to their homes. Victims of domestic abuse are often trapped in a home with the perpetrators.

Although there has been a rise in domestic abuse cases since the pandemic emerged, a study in December last year found the numbers of calls to violence hotlines in some parts of the U.S. dropped by more than 50 percent. This is thought to be because victims of abuse feel less safe coming forward when they are stuck in the same home as their abuser.

Earlier on Monday, a teenager in Alabama accused of shooting his mother in the face was charged with murder. Investigators located a 9mm handgun that they believe was used in the shooting, the sheriff's office said.

On January 21, man in Utah was arrested after allegedly beating his 11-year-old child with a metal bar. The man told police he "lost it" after finding out his child was failing in class.

Two days before, a pet dog in Scotland came to the rescue of a woman whose front teeth were knocked out by her "serial abuser" boyfriend in a "vicious and unprovoked" attack, biting him so hard that he had to get stitches and spend two days in hospital.

Stock police tape photo
A stock photo of police crime tape. A woman was arrested in California last week, accused of stabbing her boyfriend multiple times following a two-day long argument. Brandon Bell/Getty