Woman Reveals Just How Much Mirror Distorts Her Body Size

We all have days where we want to hide under a baggy T-shirt, feeling self-conscious about our looks.

Confidence levels and body image aren't helped by the abundance of perfectly-lit, filtered and airbrushed models we see across social media platforms on a daily basis.

But for one woman, it seems a major influence of her insecurities was much closer to home—in her own apartment.

While many people have a love-hate relationship with the mirror, Anyra Sigma revealed hers was truly distorted, in the literal sense.

Sigma shared an eye-opening video showing how much her reflection changes when standing on the left or the right.

Sigma, from Croatia, captioned the clip: "And that's how my new apartment gave me body image issues."

It shows her stepping to each side to demonstrate, as her reflection gets larger and smaller.


And that's how my new apartment gave me body image issues #whatislife #whatdoievenlooklike

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It appears a bulge, bubble or bump has skewed the material, and it now mimics those found in the hall of mirrors at carnivals, albeit on a much smaller scale.

"And I wondered why I felt thicc one day and then skinny the other. All this time I thought it was body dysmorphia but it was literally my mirror," she said.

She added: "What's even real? I'm having a crisis."

In the background, the outline of her furniture can be seen to bow and bend, as one follower, called TikToker, pointed out: "The shelf lines are curvy and you didn't question it?"

To which Sigma replied: "I moved in recently and somehow didn't notice this until today. I guess the mirror is slightly curved in one spot."

Others also spotted tell-tale signs in the background of the video, which has amassed nearly three million views since it was uploaded on Monday.

Amonggumtrees noted: "You can see the 'bubble' effect in the mirror in the cupboard when you step to the side."

Annelise Eastes wrote: "I've trained at dance studios that had mirrors like this and all the dancers knew which was the 'bad mirror' and didn't want to stand in front of it."

Eric John Isip suggested: "Just stay on the side u like."

Sara noted: "Even mirrors are giving me trust issues."

While Maya commented: "Omg nothing can be trusted anymore."

Truffles joked: "I need that mirror I'm a plank."

Dylan pointed out: "Clownhouse mirror."

And facing a similar dilemma, Laura Marie commented: "The mirror at my mom's makes me look bigger and the one in my house makes me look thinner. I have no idea what I look like."

Newsweek reached out to Sigma for comment.

woman taking selfie in the mirror
Stock image of a woman taking selfie in the mirror at home. A tenant revealed how distorted her mirror is after moving into a new apartment. g-stockstudio/Getty Images