Woman Reveals Boyfriend Has Been Paying Rent on Apartment She Secretly Owns

A woman has divided the internet with the claim that she is secretly her boyfriend's landlord and that he has been paying their rent oblivious to the fact it goes straight into her pocket.

The revelations came as part of a video posted to TikTok by jaynedoee0, that has already been viewed 1.3 million times on the platform and can be viewed here.

In the clip, the original poster Jayne explains that she has been living with her boyfriend for the past year, adding that he "pays rent and all major bills."

Unbeknownst to him however, his other half is actually also his landlord and has "owned this place for five years now."

Newsweek has reached out to try and verify the claims made in the video.

Evidently happy with this supposed arrangement, the video ends with Jayne sticking two fingers up in a symbolic show of victory.

The accompanying caption, meanwhile, reads "So his direct deposits are going straight to me" followed by several smiling emojis.

Jaynedoee0 posted the video to TikTok alongside the comment: "Do y'all think he'll be mad once he finds out?"

Many who commented on the post thought he would.

Leontynet said what she was doing was "so wrong."

"Shows you're just using him," he wrote. "Poor guy."

Arianacalderon23 agreed, writing "That's sneaky."

Soapgoddessmeka was scathing in their response.

"If you have to scheme like this to be with a man you're sad," they wrote.

"He's a good man and doesn't mind taking care of you. He gone soon as he finds out."

Roguemedic21 added, sarcastically: "Nothing like building a relationship on lies."

One critic, stonednhungry, pondered what the response would be "if the shoe was on the other foot" and it was a man making a woman pay rent.

Despite the criticism from some, there were plenty who supported Jaynedoee0's approach.

Infinity_moon_child said: "You is smart....you is kind...you is important."

"It's an investment and security for you if the relationship ends," Starlight8414 reasoned. "You are being compensated for your time and effort sis."

Xoxoabbie argued that while it may have been "deceitful" ultimately "he has to pay rent anyway so low key it's a fair trade."

Koldsav agreed: "It's the same as renting from someone you know" while _stronger_than_before_ concurred writing: "I am screaming with laughter, you're brilliant."

Le_dollar_bean_bre felt the setup definitely had one distinct advantage.

"One mess up = eviction," they explained. "Girl you are SMART."

This alleged episode is just the latest example of the kind of relationship woes that have ended up going viral online, sparking debate in the process.

In August, another woman ended up dividing the internet after posting a video online showing her washing up her boyfriend's PlayStation 4 games console in the sink with soap.

It's fair to say he was not happy and the resulting video is a sight to behold.

On the other side of the coin, a boyfriend ended up getting thrown out by his girlfriend after she caught him swearing at her beloved pet cat.

The exchange left her questioning the very future of their relationship.

A woman holding up some keys.
Stock image of a woman holding house keys. A TikTok user has revealed she is secretly the landlord of the apartment her boyfriend pays rent for. fizkes/Getty