Woman's Shoe Box Laptop 'Hack' to Work Outside Dubbed 'Genius'

A new work-from-home hack has gone viral after a video of it was shared on TikTok on Thursday, and people all over the internet are ready to try it out.

A woman who goes by the username Clauds244, shared a DIY work-from-home hack, explaining how to regulate the brightness of your laptop while working in the garden.

The hack is very simple, in her video, which has so far received 14,000 likes, 117 comments and 1,287 reshares, she simply put a shoe box behind her laptop, using the box's top part as an umbrella for the screen.

According to research by Owl Labs, of those that worked from home during the pandemic, about 73 percent have now returned to the office at least one day a week, with 25 percent returning within the last month.

About 90 percent of people working from home said they are at the same productivity level, or even higher, working from home compared to the office and about 1 in 3 would quit their job if they could no longer work remotely after the pandemic.

Although most participants agreed working from home was more comfortable and just as productive, 78 percent of respondents feel more included when in the office, while 57 percent say home is better.

Most users were impressed by the hack and couldn't wait to try it out in their own garden. Oliver Fleckney said: "Thank you for sharing this. I always knew there was a reason I kept my shoe boxes."

Miaparis commented: "Omg I have been looking for a solution for about a year." Ireney050 said: "I will be doing this tomorrow thank you." And Yasmin added: "Omgggggg I am using this" Paigeeeeeehx wrote: "Why did I not think of this today!!! Thank you for tomorrow."

Another user, Ash said: "Omg that's genius always struggled to see my screen outside." And Ninja76_UK added: "omg! I never thought of this!!! Perfect!!!" While hniuhubuPK answered: "What's perfect? Being a 9-5 SALVE??? PERFECT YES."

Another user, Learntospell, expressed their disagreement: "Yeah this is why it won't last. Bosses will have you in the offices soon enough."And the original poster, answered their comment saying: "I'm working just in the sun? What is the problem with that?"

Yet another angry user, pugaciova, expressed their feelings about people working from their gardens: "And you get tax returns for sitting on your ass in comfort whilst us normal people [sweating] at work with no aircon."

Another user, aimee marshall, came up with another DIY work in the sun idea: "I've done this before but with a washing basket with a towel over hahaha xx."

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A viral hack shows how to comfortably work from home from outside, without the sun messing with the brightness of your laptop. A stock image shows a man working from home. Getty Images