Salt Bae Twerking Video Woman Speaks Out as New TikTok Footage Emerges

Yesterday, a video of chef and Instagram influencer Nusret Gökçe—aka "Salt Bae"—filming a woman twerking at his Boston restaurant went viral on TikTok, and now, a second video filmed from a new perspective has been shared online.

The original video saw a woman twerking at the restaurant while Salt Bae—famous for his signature style of slicing and seasoning meat—filmed her. Then, a man bangs on the glass door and barges into the restaurant, and begins confronting someone.

The video was viewed millions of times on TikTok and thousands more on Twitter, with many criticizing the man's behavior and expressing their concern for the woman.

Now, the woman in the video has cleared up some rumors on her Instagram, as a second video of the incident has gone viral on TikTok.

The second video showing the incident from another perspective was shared by TikTok user @diegoacuervog and has more than 8.5 million views. The new video offers more insight into what happed at Boston's new Nusr-Et restaurant.

Firstly, in the original video, it appeared as though a waiter opened the door for the confrontational man, but in the new video, it seems as though the waiter tries to hold the door closed, but the man outside forces it open.

Additionally, the first video appears as though the man approaches the woman who was twerking. But in the second video, it looks as though the man was confronting a different woman, who hides behind another woman.

The woman who was dancing had already moved away from the doors at this point and does not appear to be near the man.

The original video had many concerned for the dancing woman's safety, with some social media users speculating that the man was her boyfriend or brother and was confronting her for dancing. There were also rumors that the woman was a minor.

Worryingly, there were many comments on social media that sided with the man in the video, with some suggesting that if he paid for a meal at the Nusr-Et restaurant, which is known to be expensive, then he was right to be angry and aggressive at his supposed girlfriend.

However, the woman in the video took to Instagram stories to say that she is not related to the man, nor is she in a relationship with him, and her Instagram feed suggests that she is 25 years old.

The woman shared a screenshot of a comment that said she did not know the man and that she is an adult, saying "Ima just leave this here!"

The TikTok user who shared the second video said in a comment that there is a part three to the video that he will post soon.

The TikTok went viral when social media users spotted Salt Bae in the background, filming the woman dancing. The incident took place at Gökçe's new Nusr-Et restaurant in Boston.

However, the opening has not been smooth sailing for Gökçe. Having opened on September 18, the restaurant was found to have violated COVID-19 guidelines as well as other health and safety measures on September 18 and September 23.

Newsweek has contacted the woman in the video, the TikTok users who shared the videos, and Gökçe for comment.

Salt Bae
Nusret Gökçe aka Salt Bae attends the screening of 'The Traitor' during the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2019, in Cannes, France. A second video of the incident that took place at Nusr-Et Boston has been posted to TikTok. Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer