Woman Says Hinge Date Was Previously Arrested for 'Aggravated Kidnapping' in Viral Video

A woman claimed in a now-viral video that she once Googled a Hinge match, only to find that he had an arrest record.

The video, found here, was posted to TikTok on December 16 by Shaina Kay Cardwell (@shainakaycardwell). Already, the post has received more than 650,000 views and over 36,000 likes.

"When I was about to go on a Hinge date and decided to Google him and saw he was arrested for aggravated kidnapping," read the video's text overlay.

In the post's caption, Cardwell wrote: "Better not."

In a video response to a commenter who wanted to know "what happened next," Cardwell said: "I told him I realized I actually wasn't ready to date again yet and then proceeded to block him on all social media platforms."

Of course, some commenters were confused as to how Cardwell received the man's full name, as most people don't include their last names on dating apps. But she explained in the comments section of her first video that she simply asks for a match's full name before agreeing to meet with them.

"I always did a social media rundown AT LEAST," said Cardwell. "So I'd just ask for their name and say 'I'm not going to hang out with a stranger.'"

Despite how popular online dating is, there are still risks involved with the process. On its website, security company ADT recommended that people "do a little digging" on their matches before agreeing to go out.

"While there's some stigma attached to 'Facebook stalking' potential dates, you shouldn't feel bad about doing a little social media research before meeting someone for the first time. It's a great way to spot red flags and ensure you're not dealing with a catfish," said the company.

Insider also encouraged online daters to Google their matches before meeting in person.

"For safety reasons, it's always wise to verify the identity of your date before you meet up with them," the media company said. "Unless you know your date's friends or family in real life, you might have to rely on search engines like Google to gather some information that can help you research who exactly you're going to meet."

According to dating expert Laure Davis, however, people shouldn't just Google search their matches; they should also Google search themselves.

"Once someone has your full name, what will they find? Based on what comes up, you may want to wait a date or two," Davis told Bustle.

"[O]ne of my clients found that her town posted the sale of her house on their website, and it came up on the first page of Google. Not only would a date now know her address, but they also would know how much she paid for her home," she said.

Many of Cardwell's commenters commended her for taking the time to research her match before going out with him.

"Girl you did the right thing, never take any chances with anyone that's suspicious," wrote Tiger Lilly.

"D**n good for you for googling him tho," said aseebhaiya.

"Oh my flipping god!! So glad you did this and you are safe," commented Emily Grimshaw.

Melissa Burnett added: "No shame. I do a Google check & sometimes a background check."

A woman said in a now-viral video that she once Googled a Hinge match, only to find that he had an arrest record. Experts say it is a good idea to do a social media search before meeting a potential date. TheCrimsonRibbon/istock