Woman Says 'Lizard Egg' Hatched From Bananas She Bought at Grocery Store

Reaching for a snack, 20-year-old Shona McKenzie of Glasgow, Scotland, discovered a mass lodged in a bunch of grocery store bananas and immediately thought the worst.

Suspecting that the small, white lump held the eggs of an unknown creature, she feared that poisonous baby spiders might emerge from the mass at any moment. However, what she claimed to have actually found—a minuscule, lizard-like hatchling—was even stranger.

Like any fresh produce item, bananas can be home to any number of creepy crawlies and their offspring. In 2015, the Guardian reported on the apparent rise in these instances, citing cases of consumers finding scorpions, a beetle "the size of a hamster," cockroaches, lizards, and any number of potentially dangerous arachnids in their supermarket bananas.

As Max Barclay, curator of entomology at the U.K. Natural History Museum, told the news outlet at the time, the possible rise in these reports is likely linked to the growing desire in consumers to avoid pesticides and chemicals in their food. "People are increasingly demanding crops grown with less insecticide than 40 years ago, when everything was covered in DDT," he explained. "In the 1950s, it was common for people to find insects in bananas, then it became less common. This is the cost of reducing pesticides."

According to McKenzie, per Glasgow Live, she bought this particular bunch of bananas on her weekly shopping trip at a popular U.K.-based supermarket chain. The bananas reportedly cost McKenzie 88 pence, or about $1.20 USD, and had been imported from Peru.

The student only noticed that something was amiss after arriving at home with her purchase. Grabbing a banana from the bunch, she reportedly noticed the egg-shaped mass, and, fearing it had been laid by a poisonous spider, beelined to the sink to wash it away.

"I don't know how I didn't notice it in the shop. I went straight to the self-checkout...so the cashier didn't point it out to me," she said, reported Glasgow Live. "At first I thought it was a killer spider and thought that was the last thing I needed. I didn't want it hatching in my bedroom so I took it out to put it under the sink and wash [it] away."

However, at the sink, the egg-like mass fell from the bunch on its own. It cracked, and she said that soon, a tiny, pink creature emerged.

McKenzie called her dad, a biologist, to help her figure out what the hatchling might have been. "It's definitely not a spider. I've never seen anything like it before," she said. "I think it might be a lizard as the bananas were from Peru."

Photos of the hatchling, obtained by Glasgow Live, show the still-unidentified creature. It appeared coiled into a ball, measuring about the size of a fingernail.

However, according to McKenzie, the reptile did not seem to be alive. "It wasn't moving," she explained, per the news outlet. "I showed my housemate and sent pictures to my dad but I ended up putting it in the bin."

She added: "I'm definitely going to be more careful when I pick up my fruit and vegetables now!"

Bunch of Bananas
A woman was surprised to find a lizard egg attached to a bunch of bananas she bout at the grocery store. A customer holding a bunch of bananas at an organic supermarket in France. GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images