Woman Shares 'Cute' Gym Interaction With Anthony Joshua in Viral Video

A video that showed one woman's "cute" gym interaction with British boxer Anthony Joshua has gone viral.

The video was posted to TikTok last week by Liftinwitchiz, who Indy100 identified as Chiz Egbuziem. In her caption, Egbuziem wrote: "I crumbled girls I crumbled." So far, the post has garnered more than 2.5 million views and over 220,000 likes.

The post also inspired thousands of commenters to share that they, too, would have gone "weak" in the knees had they been approached by Joshua, revealing that it's common for people to feel nervous around others they find attractive.

Speaking to The Atlantic, a biological anthropologist named Helen Fisher explained that this is because "[w]hen you see an attractive person, the left ventral tegmental area of the brain becomes active and will pump out dopamine."

"Dopamine is a stimulant to the brain, so some people might react with surprise or awkwardness," she added.

In some cases, being approached by an attractive person can also cause a cortisol spike, said Fisher.

"Some people may see someone beautiful and feel very inadequate. Then cortisol would go up," she said. "It's the context of who you are, how you feel about yourself, if you enjoy surprises—lots of things."

In her seven-second clip, Egbuziem shared her interaction with Joshua that, she said, left her feeling "stunned."

"So this happened just before my bench set," said the video's narrator at the beginning of the video.

While setting up for her workout, Egbuziem looked over her shoulder to see the former heavyweight champion making his way through the gym. As he approached her, he smiles and said: "Get them weights in, girl."

Egbuziem looked at Joshua but doesn't say anything. Instead, she giggled to herself as he walks out of frame.

"I was in the stars," she told one commenter. "Words weren't coming out."

Some of Egbuziem's commenters thought that the interaction was "so cute." Meanwhile, others, like TikTok user Anushka, said that they would have been "on the floor."

"Yeahhh I would have passed out," wrote Nabilla.

"Yeah my knees would've been weak," commented BILQEES.

T added: "[I] would've fainted lord he's so fine."

Joshua held the world heavyweight champion title until September 2021, when Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk beat him out to become the new WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight champion, The Guardian reported.

The two will reportedly compete in a "world title rematch" in London this April, The Independent said. However, an exact date has not yet been confirmed.

Anthony Joshua
A video that shows one woman’s “cute” gym interaction with British boxer Anthony Joshua has gone viral. Pictured above is Anthony Joshua. Alex Livesey / Stringer/Getty