Woman Shares Hack To Bathe Reluctant Dogs Using Peanut Butter

If your dog doesn't love bath time, a woman on TikTok may have come up with a clever method to ensure your pet still manages to get clean.

Laura Ashley, known online as nap.queen86, shared her hack for distracting her canine long enough to bathe them.

First she films a bath running, with text overlaying the video, that can be viewed here, that reads: "It's bath time."

The camera then cuts to her holding a blue spatula which is covered in peanut butter, with the caption: "We need some peanut butter."

She then lathers it onto the wall of the tub, and then shows her dog standing inside the bath while licking the condiment off.

While the animal is doing this Ashley pours water on top of them and washing them clean.

The text explains: "I don't even know I am having a bath. All I know is peanut butter."

The pet, who is a pug and beagle mix, adorably known as a puggle, enthusiastically enjoying the spread with the text reading: "Peanut butter, peanut better. Peanut butter is the best."


I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom #pugglelife #bathtok #doghacks #FamilyDay TikTokFashionMonth

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However, when the pooch has finished eating they pop up from out the bath clearly perplexed as to what has just occurred.

Written on the video, which was shared on February 15, are the words: "Oh no the peanut butter is gone, how did this happen?"

The small pet then looks shocked and perturbed as they are wrapped in a towel, but it is too late as the task is complete.

Ashley captioned the adorable video, writing: "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom #pugglelife #bathtok #doghacks #FamilyDay #TikTokFashionMonth."

The clever hack has so far been viewed a whopping 13.2 million views and has garnered 3.1 million likes.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable footage.

One TikTik user, Dorganzola, wrote: "Man he stayed focused for SO LONG my dog could never."

Another person, Meghan Eddy, added: "The peanut butter is actually genius!"

Imani Hamilton revealed: " My dog is too smart for this. I tried it and he almost broke his hip."

Ellen observed: "The moment he realizes he's in the tub," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

An account by the name of user8997060547994 stated: "I wish cats could do that instead of jumping around the damn bathroom and making a full on mess?"

Karrii typed: "I just knowwwww he got the zoomies at the end of the video."

Bananabread.8 revealed: "My dog loves peanut butter but I can't get her in the tub even with that."

Welp confirmed the method, explaining: "Ever since I saw the TikTok I tried this when washing my impossible af dog and this is actual gold. Works like a charm."

Newsweek has contacted Ashley for comment.

Dog having a bath
A stock image of a dog having a bath. A woman on TikTok has shared her hack for bathing her dog using peanut butter. Getty Images