Woman Shares 'Incredible' McDonald's Menu Items You Can Get in India

A video tour of McDonald's in India has mouths watering around the world.

Swasti Shukla Buick, a video producer and blogger, took her viewers along for a tasty exploration of a McDonald's restaurant in New Delhi. Her video has been viewed over seven million times on TikTok.

McDonald's has more than 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries. The company offers regionalized versions of its menu with various products unique to specific locales, a strategy that has enhanced its marketability across the world.

In line with local culture, India is "the first country in the world where McDonald's does not offer any beef or pork items," according to the chain. McDonald's also says that vegetarian and non-vegetarian products are prepared separately to meet specific dietary requirements.

First McDonald's India
A video tour of McDonald’s in India has mouths watering around the world. Above, the first McDonald's restaurant in New Delhi, India, which opened in 1996. Agence France Presse / Contributor/AFP

Roughly eight in 10 Indian adults follow some restrictions on meat in their diet, according to the Pew Research Center, as dietary laws and traditions are part of the country's most widely practiced religions. Some Hindus avoid eating beef because cows are traditionally viewed as sacred, while Muslim teachings prohibit pork. Four in 10 Indian adults describe themselves as "vegetarian," according to a Pew survey in 2021.

"Of course, you can't go to India and not go to McDonald's," Buick told her audience. "The food options here are so different."

She listed off some of the options available only in India: the Big Spicy Wrap available with paneer or chicken, the Maharaja Mac, the Butter Chicken Grilled Burger, the McSpicy with paneer or chicken, the McAloo Tikki Burger, the Pizza McPuff and Masala Chai as a beverage.

Buick also showed viewers how she added a bag of piri piri spice mix to an order of fries in a "shake shake bag" and shook up the mixture. "Now you have some seasoned fries and they taste so good," she said, savoring the snack on camera.

"McDonald's in India is THE BEST," the blogger declared in her caption.

Viewers shared their jealousy of Buick's meal in the comments below her video.

"Why is McDonald's a delicacy everywhere else in the world except America," one user lamented.

"@McDonald's can we bring the McAloo Tikki to America?" another viewer pleaded. "Even for a limited release?

"Those fries are killing me, they look amazing," gushed a third comment.

Buick has taken her TikTok audience on tours of other U.S. chains in India, including Starbucks, Taco Bell, KFC and Burger King.

Newsweek reached out to Buick for comment.