Woman Who Police Say Killed Husband With Eye Drops Had Shot Him With a Crossbow Before

Xiong Gaowu, a 62-year old street barber, puts eye drops on straight razor before using a traditional Chinese technique of cleaning eyes in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China, on November 18, 2017. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

A South Carolina woman charged with murder last week in the poisoning of her husband shot him in the head with a crossbow two years ago while he slept, police records show.

"He woke up yelling and bleeding from the wound," a 2016 report from the York County Sheriff's Office said.

The May 2016 shooting was deemed accidental, and Steven Clayton, 64, told police he "did not believe his wife was trying to kill him," according to police records. But investigators are now taking another look at the incident after his wife, Lana Sue Clayton, 52, confessed last week to killing him with eye drops.

"We are making a comprehensive review of all events in the relationship between the defendant and the victim. We will be taking a look at the relationship and the 2016 incident," prosecutor Kevin Brackett said.

Steven Clayton was found dead on July 21. Authorities reportedly first thought he had died from a fall, but an autopsy detected high quantities of tetrahydrozoline, a chemical found in over-the-counter eye drops, in his body. Police said Lana Sue Clayton confessed to poisoning her husband with the chemical, The Herald reported.

She told police the shooting occurred after she struggled to load the crossbow herself and brought it upstairs to ask her husband for help. She said it was an accident.

Xiong Gaowu, a 62-year-old street barber, puts eye drops on straight razor in Chengdu, China, on November 18, 2017. A South Carolina woman shot her husband with a crossbow two years before killing him with eye drops. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Lana Sue Clayton described her husband as unfaithful in a 2010 Facebook post, according to the New York Post. "My husband is not a drunk he had an affair. However, he is the father of my children and my kids look at my Facebook. Soooo. I do appreciate the support though," she reportedly wrote.

Family and friends of Steven Clayton described him as a loyal partner. "All of our family and friends know how much he loved his wife, Lana, and how devoted he was to her. We are all still trying to process this," his family said in a statement, according to The Washington Post, which cited North Carolina ABC affiliate WSOC.

She now faces charges of murder and unlawful malicious tampering of food.

"We don't have a clear-cut reason why she committed the crime that she did, or what kind of motive she had," York County Sheriff's Office spokesman Trent Faris told ABC News. "She revealed that she used the liquid, which is known normally [as] eye drops, and put it in his food, and she did that without his knowledge."

Lana Sue Clayton is not the first person accused of using eye drops as a weapon. Utah resident Chandra Vayu Stevens Read was charged last year with poisoning her husband using eye drops. In 2013, a Wyoming teen pleaded no contest to aggravated assault after using eye drops to taint her stepmother's drinks.