Woman Slammed for Excluding Son From Previous Marriage From Family Photo

A woman has been blasted online after she excluded her son from a previous marriage from being in a family photo with her other children.

In the popular Subreddit "Am I The A**hole," the 16-year-old boy asked other users for their opinion on the incident in a post that has been voted on more than 9,270 times since it was shared on Tuesday.

According to the teenager, his mother remarried following a "bad divorce" and had just been introduced to his half-brothers, aged 6 and 4, as well as her two other stepchildren last year.

He added during a visit last weekend his mother and her new husband had arranged to do a Christmas photocard to send to other family members.

"They had a photographer actually come. Everyone was dressed for it except me and she [the mother] told me it just wouldn't make sense if I'm in it since the pics are also going to her husband's family's side.

"But then I argued well our family's side is getting pics of his kids so why does it matter? Like she said she wanted me to be a part of their family when I started staying over since last year, but now they don't want me included in their family photo.

"My mom told me it's not a big deal and I just went upstairs while they did their thing. Idk [I don't know] why but it just made me really mad but also sad."

The teen explained his mother and father got into an argument when he came to collect him. The 16-year-old then asked other users for their opinion on what happened.

He then added that the mother is "still mad about it" and said her son had "hurt her feelings" by asking his dad to pick him up early.

An overwhelming number of respondents believed the teenager's mother had acted in an appalling way and supported the teenager.

One respondent said: "I can feel the sting from here. Mom only thinks of her own feelings and then has the nerve to say her feelings were hurt. Really? How about your child's feelings, you know the one you left for that other guy?"

Another commented: "Never mind that mom booked the photographer on OP [original poster's] weekend knowing she had no intention of including them. NTA [not the a**hole]. You did the right thing and I'm sorry your mom sucks."

A third added: "Buddy, you were right to remove yourself from further hurt. There is absolutely not a good reason for your mother to exclude you from photos, or anything else."

The child was excluded
Stock image. The child was asked to be picked up early from his mother's home after being excluded from the family photo. Getty