Woman Slams Spouse for 'Giving Away' $5 Scratch-off Ticket Worth $50K in Viral Post

A recent social media post detailing an anonymous user's marital strife has gone viral, sparking an intense conversation among readers. The post, in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" forum, has so far amassed over 13,000 upvotes and 1,600 comments from community members.

In their post, the anonymous Redditor, known as u/No_Minimum_7226, explained that they give out scratch-off lottery tickets to family members as "stocking stuffers" each Christmas. The fun tradition reached new heights this year when the ticket given to their cousin ended up winning the top prize of $50,000.

When their cousin announced that he had won, the Redditor was thrilled. "I was f**king elated," they wrote. "I scooped...him up in a big bear hug and said Merry Christmas you lucky a-hole. He was screaming and his mom was actually in tears and [the] whole room was excited. It was literally one of the top ten experiences of my life."

However, the Redditor soon felt their phone vibrate and saw a message from their wife, asking to meet outside. "I...can tell by her body language she is p**sed. She told me there is no way that we are giving my cousin $50k, then starts fussing at me about buying the lotto tickets to begin with."

"I explain to her that we're not giving him $50k, we gave him a ticket I spent $5 on," said the Redditor. "She is now demanding I go back in there and take the ticket back from him, saying maybe we'll give him some of it."

"We fought all the way home and she hasn't spoken more than a couple of words to me since," he added.

While the details of this particular incident are certainly rare, the broader issue is a familiar one for many couples. According to a recent survey, 48 percent of Americans in serious relationships said that finances were a source of arguments with their significant other.

For context, the Redditor explained that they and their wife are financially secure: "While $50k would be nice to have, it's not life changing money for us," they said. The cousin, however, had recently graduated from college, was saddled with student loans, and couldn't afford a car. "This money would literally change this kid's life and frankly I think it couldn't have gone to a better member of my family," wrote the Redditor.

Readers appeared puzzled by the Redditor's wife's stance, and many speculated that there were hidden reasons for her wanting to keep the money.

"Does she have a terrible past experience with money?" asked u/Ladderza. "I feel like it's something that probably has to be worked through."

User U/Head_Asparagus_7703 wondered "if she has a bunch of secret credit card debt that she can't pay off."

Others praised the Reddit user for maintaining their generous attitude throughout the whole ordeal. "Good for you for being so thoughtful about how much more this money means for him," said u/gwacemom.

Newsweek reached out to u/No_Minimum_7226 for comment.

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A Reddit user went viral after recounting a recent dispute with their wife, involving a winning scratch-off lottery ticket gifted to their cousin. The ticket won the young man $50,000. StevieS/iStock / Getty Images Plus