Woman Stabs Roommates Until She Thinks They're Dead, Then Goes Shopping

A woman is accused of stabbing her roommates until she believed they were dead over a living arrangement issue, then went shopping.

The incident took place in Marion County, Florida, on Monday morning. Deputies with the county sheriff's office were called to a residence by one of the alleged victims. They claimed that their roommate, 30-year-old Christina Adams, had stabbed him and another roommate after they had asked her to stop living with them, which prompted a fight, according to WFLA News.

Deputies later found Adams driving near the scene of the alleged crime. Despite initially denying the accusations of her roommates, she ultimately admitted to the stabbing. Per her explanation, she stabbed the two roommates until she believed they were dead. Despite her efforts, the two unnamed individuals managed to survive the ordeal, though CBS 12 News reported they were in critical condition as of Saturday.

After the attack, Adams claimed that she then attempted to destroy evidence of the crime and changed into a new pair of clothes before going out shopping. When deputies found her, she had been on her way home from the shopping trip. She now faces two counts of first-degree attempted murder and tampering with evidence, and is being held at Marion County Jail without bond.

florida woman stabs roommates
Above, a representational image of a knife. On Friday, a Florida woman was arrested for allegedly attempting to stab her roommates to death over an argument about living arrangements. Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Adams explained further that she began formulating a plan to kill her roommates after they first told her she would have to move out, roughly two months ago. The argument on Friday morning was sparked after they told her to leave by Saturday, CBS 12 reported.

Adams made other alarming claims about her own mental state to investigators, stating that she believes herself to be a sociopath and to have an undiagnosed case of dissociative identity disorder.

"These senseless acts of violence are shocking to all of us. I'm very proud of my deputies and detectives that worked so quickly to not only provide aid to the victims but, also to capture such an evil person and ensure that our streets are safe," Marion County Sheriff William Woods said in a statement.

Newsweek reached out to the Marion County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Another grisly stabbing incident played out in New Orleans early last month when a mother allegedly stabbed her two children amid a heated custody battle. After the woman posted a disturbing video to Instagram, the father of children, ages 4 and 2, rushed to her home to rescue them. The oldest child, a girl, ultimately succumbed to her injuries and died.