Woman Stuck on Flight With Bachelorette Party Vows Never Again: 'Nightmare'

A woman stuck on the same flight as a bachelorette party has vowed never to fly with the airline again, as she claimed the group danced and vaped onboard.

Kim McGovern was on a Ryanair flight from Dublin to Alicante, Spain, earlier this month, along with a group of women celebrating an upcoming wedding, called a hen party in the U.K.

McGovern filmed the antics of the troupe on board, as she suspected there might be drama. She captured the passengers boarding the plane saying: "When you accidentally get on the same flight as a hens party. This is gonna be a long flight."

The clip, shared to her TikTok page @kimmcgovern_ earlier this week, was captioned: "Never flying Ryanair again."

The clip continued to show women dancing in the aisle playing music, as the on-screen captions continued: "Dancing mid-flight. I can literally hear them over my headphones.

"Three of them keep vaping and flight attendant has told them four times it's ILLEGAL.

"It's the speaker for me. We love a dance while the seatbelt signs are on."

The video, which can be seen here, amassed more than 4 million views, as McGovern added the hashtags: "#ryanair #cheaptravel #cheapflights #hensparty #summer2022 #spain #secondhandembarrassment."

After the video went viral, Ryanair issued an apology. A spokesperson for the airline told Newsweek: "We sincerely regret any misbehaviour by a small group of passengers on board this flight from Dublin to Alicante (2 June).

"The group stopped singing and dancing when requested to do so by our cabin crew."

Numerous people slammed the bachelorettes' behavior online, as McGovern added in a comment: "Sooo disrespectful to the staff."

Stephanie Koessel wrote: "The audacity."

DivineMagpie commented: "Couldn't think of anything worse I'd be anxious the.while flight, I'm with you on this one. [sic]."

Terena_saurusrex thought: "I never understand how people are so inconsiderate of those around them."

Aerinn817 asked: "How in the world do they think that behaviour is acceptable on a plane?? I give up people."

Matt joked: "The party happens when you land, midair is extremely inconsiderate."

Gigabarto said: "That is hell, I'm so sorry for you."

Laura Claire fumed: "Omg I would have lost my mind!!! just being able to hear them through the headphones would have sent me over the edge."

Tullu T wondered: "How people don't feel embarrassed by acting this way."

Josh.ua admitted: "Literally my worst nightmare."

Although Erin Reece-Murphy added: "Imagine... just imagine... actually being happy for them having fun."

And in response to TikToker Emma saying "I would fully jump out," McGovern replied: "Omg girl I wanted too."

The chart below, provided by Statista, shows the popularity of low-cost airlines.

Infographic: No Frills Attached: More U.S. Air Travelers Opt For Ultra-Low-Cost | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

According to Ryanair's website, the flight between Dublin and Alicante takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, with the cost one-way €327.90 ($351.40) for a direct flight on Friday.

The low-cost airline's website states unreasonable behavior will not be tolerated, stating certain measures can be taken, including restraining passengers, removing them from the plane, refusing them future flights and prosecution.

This includes if "your behaviour on the plane causes a danger to the plane or any person or property on it; Your actions prevent the crew from performing their duties properly;

"You do not follow any instructions of the crew, including (but not limited to) those relating to smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs; or

"Behave in a way which we reasonably believe may anger, upset, offend, intimidate, frighten or injure any passenger or crew member."

Ryanair is among a number of low-cost airlines, including Jet2, EasyJet and TUI, that canceled a number of flights following a strike by Italian workers, according to The Independent. The action caused chaos for passengers in Europe.

Newsweek reached out to McGovern for comment.

Passengers board Ryanair airplanes at Caravaggio.
Passengers board a Ryanair plane on May 8, 2022, in Orio al Serio near Bergamo, Italy. A passenger has shared details of her horror flight with a bachelorette party. Getty Images/Adam Berry