Woman Sues School Division For $150,000 For Forcing Children To Wear Face Masks

A woman has failed in her attempt to sue her children's school division over rules mandating face masks after reportedly seeking more than CAD$210,000 (USD$150,000) in damages.

In her claim, the woman from Ontario, Canada, said her children were unable to wear masks for "any period of time."

She said "the reasons for those limitations are medical and therefore private in nature," according to court documents quoted by Canadian media.

The action was brought against the French "Division scolaire franco-manitobaine" in the province of Manitoba earlier this month.

It was dismissed by Justice Gerald Chartier, who said he was not satisfied that "irreparable harm" would be caused if the claimant's children were required to wear masks.

The woman produced a doctor's note for her two children stating that "for medical reasons, this patient will not be able to tolerate continuously wearing a mask."

However the school division said she had failed to provide sufficient information to grant her request.

"I am satisfied that the COVID-19 policies in relation to masks in the schools are required for the safe operation of the schools and while the policy acknowledges that the knowledge of the wearing of non-medical masks is evolving, the wearing of masks can play a role in reducing the transmission of COVID-19," the judge said in his ruling Thursday.

"I find that this motion must be dismissed as the application has failed to persuade the court that irreparable harm would befall the applicant should the injunction not be granted."

The mother also claimed CAD$1,000 for every day her children were not in school for lost earnings. She also sought up to CAD$25,000 for each child for discrimination under the Manitoba Human Rights Code and the same sum under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, CBC reported.

An additional CAD$10,000 per child was sought for breach of privacy under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The judge did not issue a ruling on those claims.

The case comes amid a slew of lawsuits filed against schools and businesses triggered by the introduction of mask mandates across the U.S.

In Pennsylvania, a woman is reportedly suing Disney after her seven-year-old son, who has autism, was allegedly denied entry to one of their stores because he wasn't wearing a face mask.

In Florida, four families are suing the Lee County school district over its requirement for students to wear face masks at school.