Woman Suspects Neighbor "Ate" Her Missing Pet Cat in Video Viewed 1M Times

A woman sparked an intense reaction after making the strange—and alarming—allegation that her neighbor ate her pet cat.

A "suspicious" video, ostensibly showing the neighbor interacting with the cat, has gone viral on TikTok, generating over 1.7 million views, 254,0000 likes, and 5,000 comments at the time of writing.

In 2018, it was made illegal in the United States to slaughter cats and dogs for consumption. While certainly rare, the practice, until then, had still been legal in 44 states.

Those found violating the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018 are subject to a fine of up to $5,000.

In her now-viral video, TikToker Jessica, known on the app as @jesslynn8880, explains her situation using an on-screen caption: "When you're certain your neighbor ate your cat," she wrote.

The footage then shows the encounter, captured via doorbell security camera, between the alleged neighbor and cat.

The woman is seen crouching and petting the TikToker's cat while a second person stands nearby. While the beginning is muffled, she appears to be saying something about "[taking] the kitty inside for safety."

"Otherwise, I'm gonna steal your kitty 'cause it's a delicious morsel," the woman says, laughing. "I'm kidding. I would never steal a pet. But if I was gonna steal one? This one's my first on the list."

"Do you want to come home with me forever?" the woman asks the cat. She goes on to call him "so precious" and "soft."

Meanwhile, a new caption appears on the screen. "He went missing the next day," wrote the TikToker.

The video has sparked a fierce debate in the comments section, with viewers arguing not just about the incident itself, but about the practice of letting domestic cats outside more broadly.

"WHY WOULD YOU LET HIM OUT THE DAY AFTER THIS," asked @need_a_canvas in a top-liked comment.

"100% and fully on you," wrote @yerkygoblin. "You saw this and still let the cat outside?"

Jessica, however, noted in a response that she "didn't see [the] video till AFTER he went missing the next day."

Others backed Jessica, arguing that "she did not deserve to have her cat stolen," even if viewers disagreed with her decision to let him outside.

"Am I the only one who thinks she's just a nice lady and she wanted to warn you about letting your cat free roam?" asked @brebec98.

Regardless of where they stood on the issue, most viewers did not appear to believe that the neighbor "ate" the cat, suspecting instead that it might have been stolen.

"ATE?" asked @dweebpheebs. "Girl she didn't EAT [your] cat."

Still, many maintained that the incident was "weird," "creepy," and "scary."

Despite viewers' requests, Jessica has yet to provide an update on her video. Newsweek was not able to reach the TikToker for additional information.

Pet Cat
A pet cat sitting on a wood floor in Milan, Italy. Earlier this week, a TikToker shared footage of a "suspicious" encounter between her cat and a neighbor, as captured by her doorbell security camera. Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

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