Woman Filmed Taking Neighbor's Doormat for 'Second Time' Sparks Fury

A woman has been caught on camera removing her neighbor's doormat in footage that left the internet—and the doormat's owners—stunned.

As if that wasn't bad enough, it would appear that this is the second time this has happened.

Tyler Kenney, who lives just outside of Dallas with his wife Hayley, told Newsweek the problems all started a couple of weeks back.

"My wife and I went out for brunch. When we got back we noticed the doormat, which has nothing on it but three jack-o-lanterns, was gone," he said.

While his doormat had been removed, Kenney couldn't help but notice the doormat for the apartment opposite was completely untouched.

"I had a strange hunch that it was one of the neighbors and actually decided to check the nearest dumpster," he said. "Low and behold our doormat was curled up in the trash."

Following the incident, he decided to buy a couple of cheap cameras to keep tabs on things and re-lay the doormat in the same spot. A week later, his neighbor was caught on camera taking the doormat away again. It's a situation that has left Kenney baffled.

"We don't interact with our neighbors and have never even spoken to her, so it came as quite a shock," he said.

"I can only really think of maybe three possible options. It's some sort of religious motive over the jack-o-lanterns. Its frustration over the fact that we left it out, out of season. Or she just plain didn't like it. I feel like if it was anything else she would have taken someone else's at the very least."

Rather than confront the woman over her actions (Kenney admits he doesn't actually know which apartment she lives in), he decided to share the footage to Reddit.

"I figured if anything the internet could understand my frustration," he said.

The video has proven a huge hit, earning over 45,100 upvotes with fans flocking to suggest ways for Kenney to get revenge on his neighbor.

"Print out a screenshot of her doing this and make several copies and post around the area," one user, posting as ThugginPink wrote. Another, writing as Cookiemonstermanatee, meanwhile, upped the ante suggesting: "Print it on a doormat."

Indeed, at the time of writing, a number of users are putting their weight behind a campaign to replace Kenney's doormat with a custom-made version featuring a picture of the woman taking the original doormat. It's all become very meta.

Kenney, for his part, is touched by the "huge amount of support everyone has given," though probably wants to steer clear of antagonizing his neighbors.

"So many people have reached out trying to replace my doormat," he said. "As bad I want to meme it up and do something crazy, I just want the same doormat frankly."

That's not to say that the neighbor's actions have gone unpunished though.

"She's already been hit with a citation," Kenney said. "It's a lease violation and we sent the police over there as well. So she's definitely aware she can't get away with it at this point."

The Kenneys have no plans on changing up their doormat preferences either and are planning on purchasing another mat featuring three jack-o-lanterns.

"We absolutely don't want her to feel like she's 'won.' If she does stick to it and keeps taking them, on the next one, I'm most likely just going to print some flyers with her face on it and shame her."

The story comes hot on the heels of several other viral hits which have emerged from Reddit in recent days. In once instance, a teenage woman earned the backing of the internet after filling her parents bed with over a hundred cockroaches.

Elsewhere a woman ended up giving her husband the silent treatment after he ratted on a neighbor over a minor misdemeanor.

Woman Filmed Taking Neighbours Doormat
Woman filmed taking neighbor's doormat. Tyler Kenney caught a local resident in the act but he's still no closer to learning the motives behind their actions. VenomBuster/Tyler Kenney

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