Woman Talks to 'Gym Crush' in Cute Viral Video: 'It's the Blushing for Me'

The internet is swooning over a now-viral video that shows one woman interacting with her "gym crush."

The video was posted to TikTok on Wednesday by Debbie (@debbiedeb_o), who wrote, "This is your sign to talk to your gym crush." So far, the video has amassed more than 275,000 views on the video-sharing app, and over 470,000 views on Twitter.

It's also received thousands of comments from viewers across both platforms who couldn't get over the subtle "body language signs of attraction" the woman employed throughout the video.

"Y'all, I was recording my hip thrust when my gym crush came to say hi to me," read the text overlay at the beginning of the clip.

The woman is sitting on a bench when, all of a sudden, a man walks over to give her a hug. As the two converse, the woman tilts her head and kicks her legs, all the while never losing her smile.

"Please, why was I cheesing so hard," the text overlay continued.

Shortly after the man hugs her goodbye, the woman returns to the bench and smiles to herself.

"Not him giving me another hug," read the text overlay as he gave her another hug.

In the next part of the clip, the woman can be seen sitting in a different area of the gym. Again, she is approached by her crush. As he walks up, the woman breaks out into a smile and starts excitedly kicking her legs. Finally, the video ends with the two sharing one last hug.

"Cheesing from ear to ear, legs swinging and EVERYTHING !!!! WE LOVE TO SEE IT," commented TikTok user, Victoria.

"It's the leg swings and tilted head for me," wrote Ashley Adora.

"It's the blushing for me," added Cici.

Over on Twitter, Jas tweeted: "It's the little kicks for me. It's sooo cute seeing people having a crush."

"Oh her legs swinging? Sis is smitten lol," added Tienna.

Regarding the man's body language, TikTok user Ninaaa said, "Two hugs, small talk and a smile. He likes you."

According to the online therapy service BetterHelp, head tilting and blushing are both common "body language signs of attraction."

"Although [blushing] is common with embarrassment, this is also a classic indicator of physical attraction, as the person with feelings of attraction will experience a rushing of blood to the face," explained BetterHelp.

Meanwhile, a tilted head shows "engagement and interest."

"[P]eople generally do this to show they are paying attention and care about what is being said. As such, it can be a subtle indicator of attraction," the site explained.

Smiling, hair touching and "small touches" are other common signs of attraction.

"In general, someone demonstrating sexual attraction will display more openness toward you in terms of posture and also try to minimize barriers between you," said BetterHelp. "Of course, sexual attraction should be explicitly stated, and verbal consent should always be enunciated before anything is acted on."

Debbie isn't the first person to be caught blushing at the gym.

Last month, a woman named Chiz Egbuziem went viral after posting a video of her gym interaction with English boxer Anthony Joshua to TikTok.

"I crumbled girls I crumbled," she wrote in the video's caption.

Unfortunately, not all gym interactions are as sweet as Egbuziem's and Debbie's were. In December, a woman shared a video that showed her telling off a gym "creep" who allegedly followed her around the gym and tried spotting her workouts without asking. Similarly, a personal trainer named Heidi Aragon went viral for calling out a "creepy old guy" caught staring at her at the gym.

Newsweek reached out to Debbie for comment but did not hear back before publication.

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The internet is swooning over a now-viral video that shows one woman interacting with her “gym crush.” Prostock-Studio/istock