Woman Tells Husband to 'Wipe Better' After He Complained About Her Pads in Viral Post

A woman caused a stir online after she claimed in a now-viral Reddit post that she told her husband to "wipe better" after he complained about how she disposed of her feminine products. Commenters were shocked by the situation but quickly sided with the wife.

In the popular Reddit forum, "Am I The A**hole," Redditor u/throwaway58895 asked: "AITA for telling my husband I'll dispose of my feminine products when he wipes better?" The post has nearly 19,000 votes and more than 2,600 comments.

At the beginning of the post, the woman explained that she's a housewife who had just recently given birth.

"I just had a baby so I'm still bleeding and I can't wear tampons (I can't wear tampons anyway because I have a tilted cervix) so I wear pads," she said. "When I change my pad, I wrap it in toilet paper and usually the wrapper that the other one came in but sometimes just toilet tissue."

However, because their dog recently broke the lid off of their trash can, the wrapped pads inside the wastebasket are visible to those using the bathroom. According to the post, her husband finds this "disgusting."

"My husband always tells me it's really gross when he goes to the bathroom and can see the bloody tissue that my pad is wrapped in and he doesn't need to see that," she continued.

He added that no one should be able to see that his wife is "on [her] period," but she explained that the bleeding is the result of having just given birth, not of her monthly menstrual cycle. But the fight continued.

"I told him I would start disposing of my pads the way he wants me to when he learns how to wipe better and I don't have to scrub sh*t stains out of his boxers."

The comment upset her husband so he took to sleeping in the guest bedroom.

In one of her comments, the Redditor explained that she had given birth eight days prior to writing the post. As some in the comments section stated, the bleeding she is experiencing is called lochia.

On its website, the Cleveland Clinic explained that lochia changes in color and consistency in various stages after giving birth. The website warned that new mothers could experience increased lochia "when [they] get up in the morning, when [they] are physically active, or while breastfeeding."

The bleeding is expected to last four-six weeks after delivery, and as the Redditor mentioned, women are told not to wear tampons during this time period.

The majority of commenters came to the wife's defense.

"WTF you are so recently postpartum that you are still bleeding, and you ARE DOING HIS LAUNDRY?!?! AND HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO COMPLAIN YOU ARE BLEEDING AFTER BIRTHING HIS CHILD," exclaimed u/PurpleMP12. "He is an incredible AH [a**hole]."

"NTA [not the a**hole]. As long as you are wrapping them and emptying the garbage regularly, I don't see the problem. You just birthed a child. He should be emptying the garbage can for you," added u/mudslideme.

"Offer to help him finish potty training. NTA," said Littleballoffur22.

couple arguing
A woman caused quite the stir online after she claimed in a now-viral Reddit post that she told her husband to wipe better after he complained about how she disposed of her feminine products. fizkes/iStock