Woman Told She 'Always Smells' by Boyfriend Backed Online After Viral Post

There are lots of wonderful things about summer but the hot weather does have disadvantages—including the seemingly neverending battle against body odor.

For many, sweating through your clothes or feet that reek like a wheel of cheese are a seasonal hazard. And since humans pick up on nasty smells faster than pleasant ones, it's understandable to be anxious about bad BO this time of year.

One woman shared her unfortunate scent story with Mumsnet after her partner of four years told her "she always smells."

Posting to the AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable?) forum on Wednesday, user Jpk1110o explained that her boyfriend's comment—although well-intentioned—had made her self-conscious.

She wrote: "He said it in a polite way, as if trying to help me. I'm 26 and [to be honest] I've always known I sweat a lot under my arms but his comment has hit home that other people probably think I smell too.

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A stock photo of a woman sniffing her armpit. Mumsnet users had plenty of suggestions for dealing with body odor. eternalcreative/iStock/Getty Images Plus

"I work in an office and I often find that 10 minutes into [putting] on a work top, I have sweat patches under my arms and I smell.

"Even if I wear a black blouse, I'm uncomfortable as the armpit area is absolutely soaked through even though nobody else can see it through the black."

Jpk1110o explained that she had been having issues with excessive sweating for a while, but her attempts to mitigate the problem hadn't been particularly effective. As a result, she avoids standing too close to people, as well as washing the skin under her arms every two hours in the bathroom at work.

She continued: "I finally hit breaking point today wearing a pink sleeveless shirt as it was hot. I thought since it was sleeveless that there was no way sweat patches would occur. I was wrong.

"After driving to work and going to the staff toilet first thing in the morning, I lifted my arms up to see sweat on the material just under the armpits.

"Anyway, I got home and just told my boyfriend that I think I sweat more than average and he agreed and said he's noticed I've smelt for years. I'm mortified since if he's noticed then probably everyone in work thinks I smell."

She concluded her post by asking fellow Mumsnet users for any tips on managing sweat and body odor.

She said: "I'm fit, go on lots of walks, vegetarian, so I don't understand why I sweat so much? I've ordered Odaban spray from Amazon and hoping it'll stop the sweat, even if it burns the armpit, I'd rather that than excess sweat.

"Any other tips to get me through the next 2 days at work without sweaty armpit stains though? It's not due to arrive until Friday."

Excessive sweating, known medically as hyperhidrosis, is estimated to affect around 15 million people in the U.S. Many people are unaware that the condition exists, however, so might not seek support from a medical professional. Not everyone with hyperhidrosis will struggle with body odor, but sufferers are more susceptible because of the amount of sweat produced.

Particularly sour-smelling body odor can be a sign of other conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease or an overactive thyroid. Hormonal changes, such as menopause or ovulation, can also alter your body odor, as can certain foods such as onions, garlic and red meat.

Mumsnet users were happy to share their advice, with the post receiving close to 400 comments.

"Get Botox in your armpits," said seaUrchinOne. "Supposedly works amazingly well."

"Always wear cotton. Don't have synthetic fabrics. Even 1% elastane exacerbates smell," said GabriellaMontez.

"Shower gel leaves a film on the skin that stops your antiperspirant from working. Antibacterial soap is better for underarms," advised endofthelinefinally.

"Have you considered using sweat pads under your clothing? Apparently celebrities use them all the time to avoid sweat patches."

Another commenter, user1471551592, recommended cutting out caffeine: "My husband had the same problem, he cut out coffee and the excess sweating stopped. He occasionally has a coffee now when out—not at home or at work and he's fine."

Many believed that Jpk1110o's best course of action would be to consult a doctor. Minipie said: "It may be hyperhydrosis. Try not to feel too embarrassed. This is a medical issue, many people have medical issues they hide or struggle with."

PeterPomegranate agreed, writing: "If you're showering regularly and using deodorant then maybe there's something medical going on.

"It's common to be a bit whiffy by the end of the day, but from your own observation and what your partner said it does sound it might be more than that."