Woman Twerks for Chicago Prisoners from Across the Street in Viral Video

A video showing a woman 'twerking' for prisoners across the street has gone viral online after being shared on TikTok.

The clip was posted by TikTok user @Mazz1234_, real name Madsy Tzagournis, on June 8 and has already amassed over 12 million views and three million likes.

"The city man...first day out here," she captioned the video, which was taken in Chicago, Illinois. "This girl went to the top of a parking garage to twerk to the prisoners across the street, and they're flashing their lights for her," reads the on-screen text.

In the video, the woman, whose identity is currently unknown, can be seen 'twerking' next to her car parked at the top of a parking garage. The clip begins with what seems like a normal night view outside Tzagournis' window, before zooming in on the woman.

Appearing as a distant figure, the woman is clearly giving her all for her make-shift performance. In return, the prisoners flashed their cell lights at her—the incarcerated version of a standing ovation, assumedly.

"She woke up and chose YOLO," commented one viewer, among the many who celebrated her act. "Not all heroes wear capes," added another.

"That totally counts as community service," wrote one TikTok user. Another added: "They're gonna remember this for a while."

Some viewers however were left speculating as to why the woman had decided to spend her evening twerking for prisoners. "I wonder what life choices she made to get her to that exact moment," asked one commenter.

An incarcerated husband was the go-to guess for most: "She got a hubby in there," wrote one.

Tzagournis' viral video isn't the first time TikTok and prison have crossed-over though, as the app hosts a whole community of users doing time.

"Prison Tok" sees prisoners document their life inside though videos in their cells, from make-shift recipes to DIY water heaters. Of course cell phones aren't allowed in prisons, and so the videos are filmed on contraband phones.

One TikTok user, @blackboyjmoney, even started his own "cooking show" on TikTok while in prison. Jeren Combs, who has 300,000 followers, is serving 70 years plus life in prison, but uploads videos using a makeshift cooking appliance made with his metal bed and a hot plate from an oven.

#prisonlife on TikTok also has over 400 million views, although it's primarily filled with those who have already completed their sentences, spilling the details on what life was like inside.

Similarly, a community of ex-prisoners has risen on YouTube too, where creators upload "story time" videos and Q&A's on their prison experiences.

Barbed wire
Barbed wire at a prison. A woman has gone viral after "twerking" for prisoners. Getty Images. Getty Images