Woman Verbally Harasses Mexico Airport Authority, TikToker Captures Her

In another case of customers behaving poorly, a TikTok of a woman harassing Mexican airport workers has gone viral.

The one-minute video, recorded by TikToker David Lane and shared on his handle @deelanearts, has wracked up more than 2 million views since it was posted earlier this month.

The clip is captioned, "Is this the Craziest Karen of all time?!"

The complete five-minute and 54-second video of the incident shared on Lane's Instagram account gives a longer look at the rant, though it doesn't seem to provide much context or clarity.

"You know what the **** happened," the woman shouts, approaching an airport worker's face in spite of her facemask being pulled down.

The staff member can be seen calmly responding to the woman but the audio is not clear enough to hear the comment.

Continuing to pace around the airport, the woman comes back towards the staffer, screaming: "Not surprised by the masking, you are ****** proud of it. Shove the mask up your *** and your ******* mouth. No new world order. Nobody's safe."

"Did you just say something I told you not to say? pushing my buttons with your straight m********** on the ground with your luggage s***. Did you? Say it again then," she rants, sounding increasingly incoherent.

As she continues to scream and shout, what appears to be a fellow passenger can be seen approaching in an apparent bid to calm her down.

He fails at his attempt, however, and she can be seen walking around the waiting area spurting words like "Illuminati", "terrorist", "stolen artwork," "satan," and cursing before another woman, who appears to be a member of airport staff, approaches her and tries again to calm her down.

Eventually, security arrives and escorts her away from the waiting area.

"I bet she's the type of Karen to say you can only speak English in America and goes down to Mexico and expects everyone else to speak English," one user commented.

The caption of the video explains that Lane was waiting to board a flight from Mexico when he heard a woman "talking to herself."

"Insane Karen Goes Wild At Airport In Mexico. After an amazing trip in Mexico, I was just casually chilling just waiting to board my flight and start hearing this woman talking to herself. Slowly it escalated to WAY more. You won't believe what happened...," he wrote.

It is unclear what happened to the woman after she was escorted from the terminal.

In a similar incident in January, another TikToker recorded two women being arrested for assaulting an airline employee at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport.

Woman Verbally Harasses airport staff
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