Woman in Viral Video Dresses as Store Employee to Shop Without an Appointment

A Dublin woman who failed to secure a shopping appointment at Penneys—a popular European retailer—but still wanted to get her retail therapy on came up with an ingenious, if not sneaky, way to cheat the system: dressing as an employee to get in and grab her goods.

In a viral TikTok, the woman who goes by the username @r_ellis4 tells her followers that she is in a "real real big hurry" because she is on her way to Penneys to shop. However, there is one minor problem: the TikToker didn't secure an appointment with the store.

Due to COVID restrictions in Ireland, the store is operating on an appointment-only basis before fully reopening. According to the store's official website, customers can schedule 45-minute appointments that allow up to 15 minutes at the register. Considering maximum occupancy limitations, appointments can be hard to come by at certain stores, or just be too small a window for shoppers to get everything they need.

Thankfully for this TikToker, she found a creative solution.

"I didn't get a Penneys appointment, but I did get my hands on this top," she says in the video.

The woman takes a step back to show off her bright blue and black "I love Penneys" top, which is apparently part of the official uniform. She then laughs and says, "I'm going to pretend I'm going to work and just walk past! Wish me luck, everybody!"

The remainder of the TikTok is a documentation of the shopping trip. As she walks around the store, she shows off her bag, the racks and the elevators to prove that she is, in fact, shopping in Penneys, completely unbothered.

Once outside the store, she holds up her bag full of clothing and asks, "can you tell how happy I am?"

When she finally gets back to her car, she unzips her jacket to show off the shirt one last time. "And that's how it's done, guys," she says.

Many commenters were impressed by the TikToker's creative plan.

One user commented, "fair play to u [sic] ... would never have thought of it lmao brilliant."

"That's just genius," said another.

Other TikTok users who are either former employees of the store or friends of current employees were sharing that they would also like to try using their Penneys shirt to gain access to the store without an appointment.

"I've one from when I worked there, gonna do it tomorrow ..." said one user.

The TikToker supported the commenter, but just warned: "defo do it ... just don't go to that same [location]."

It's unclear how the woman behind the video got her hands on a Penneys shirt, or if anyone at the store has seen the video. Regardless, the trip was a success.

"They said Kris Jenner works hard," said one commenter. "Nah ... you do."

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