Woman Walks Into Family Home on Christmas to Complain About Noise in Viral Video

A video that allegedly shows a woman barging into a family's home on Christmas day with a noise complaint has gone viral.

The video, found here, was posted to TikTok on Saturday by KT Ileana (@sweet_shortyyy), who wrote: "Karen should know better than to try to mess with Hispanics." So far, the post has received more than 2.4 million views and over 369,000 likes.

At the beginning of the video, Ileana's family can be seen gathered around a table, opening presents. But in the background, viewers can see a door open.

"POV a Karen stormed into our Christmas party," said the video's narrator as an unidentified woman—assumed to be a neighbor—makes her way into the home.

"Can I ask you guys to turn it down? It's about 10 after 11:00," says the woman as the family turns to face her.

Almost immediately after making her request, a member of Ileana's family responds: "Get out of my house right now."

The video ends with the neighbor being escorted out of the home

There are several routes a person can take in the event that their neighbor is throwing a loud party, according to Nolo.

Typical first steps include calling the neighbor or knocking on their door to make a "polite request."

"Start with an assumption that the neighbors' intentions are good," said Nolo, adding that it's good to find common ground.

"In the coronavirus social distancing context, perhaps that common ground is your hope that family members and your community will stay healthy, or your wish that life would get back to normal," Nolo suggested.

"The person might need time to digest what you've said. It's often best to wrap up with a clear statement of what you want, but without trying to drive the point home. Allowing the conversation to turn into an argument won't help," Nolo continued.

Commenters were stunned that the woman in Ileana's video felt confident enough to walk into her neighbor's home unannounced.

"Who just walks in?" asked Arielle.

"Watched this 5x and am still flabbergasted," said teckio24.

"HELLO???? IN THE HOUSE???" wrote antonina.

"If I didn't see this, there is no way I'd believe someone would act this entitled," commented Regina Cage.

"Who in their right mind goes into someone else's house like that??" asked Elocin.

"Umm try knocking [on] the door next time," suggested RoboCorp7_6.

"I'm SORRY HUH??" added ashvicgra.

Ghost Foos added: "Yooooo the audacity. She's a Karen prestige master."

Christmas party
A video that shows a woman barging into a family’s home on Christmas day with a noise complaint has gone viral. Commenters were shocked at the woman's brash behavior to enter the home uninvited. .shock/istock