Woman Telling Bride 'I Told You So' After Nephew Wrecks Wedding Sparks Fury

A woman has been accused of rubbing salt in the wounds of her sister-in-law after warning the would-be bride not to invite her infant nephew to her wedding.

Fast-forward to the big day and in the aftermath of a ceremony derailed by the young child, the woman wasted no time in telling the tearful bride: "I told you so."

It's a response that won her few fans on social media but while her reaction may not have been the correct one, her suggestion that the infant be excluded from her sister-in-law's nuptials isn't an entirely unusual one.

A crying bride and naughty boy.
Stock image of a crying bride and a boy hiding under a table at a wedding. A woman has been accused of rubbing salt in the wounds of her sister-in-law after warning the would-be bride not to invite her infant nephew to her wedding. Creatista/Marc Debnam/Getty

In fact, in a 2021 survey conducted by YouGov America, 41 percent of respondents said they approved of couples asking guests not to bring their children to their wedding.

Meanwhile, just 37 percent disapproved of the idea with the remainder remaining neutral on the topic. In previous decades, the idea of a childless wedding was largely uncommon, but it would appear attitudes are changing.

One woman who is evidently in favor of the practice took to Reddit to detail how she attempted to convince her future sister-in-law to exclude her young nephew from proceedings.

Writing under the handle SILASMADATME32 in a post upvoted over 10,000 times, she claimed the bride's family are "very disrespectful and rude" and often do little to ingratiate themselves with her family.

"They can never be wrong and think they can do no wrong," she said. She also said they "don't really punish their kids" meaning there are "no consequences" for their bad behavior."

According to the woman, the bride's sister has a son who is especially "chaotic" and has been known to throw "tantrums if he doesn't get something and has to be the center of attention 24/7."

She first floated the idea of excluding him while helping her organize invitations. It didn't go well. "I talked about his tantrums and how he'll probably throw a fit during the reception and other stuff," she wrote. "She got mad and said that she didn't know what I was talking about."

In fact, the bride was so angry she told her sister, who later messaged the woman to hit out at her over the remarks.

However, come the day of the wedding, everything she said came to pass with the nephew "crying" for much of the day. The low point came during the ceremony when, as the bride walked down the aisle, her nephew "literally started screaming."

The pastor was forced to delay the vows while the child was escorted out of the room. Then, during the cutting of the cake, the boy again began screaming and "pushed" the bride, who was holding a glass of wine which spilled on her.

At this point, the woman said her new sister-in-law began "crying." But rather than console her, the woman said she caught her eye and said "I told you so," prompting her to cry even more.

It's a remark that drew the ire of the internet, with many noting that while the woman may have been right to tell the bride not to invite her nephew, the additional remark was unnecessary.

GalaxianWarrior said the woman showed "next level lack of empathy" simply because she "wanted to ensure that her sister-in-law knew she was right." Imsohungrydudee agreed, writing: "Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you always need to share it, even if you're right."

Argent_Hythe was one of many to stick up for the woman though, explaining that she came to the bride with a "valid concern" and did so "in private" but that her sister-in-law went on to make a "public spectacle" of it by telling the boy's mom.

Dnashotgun still felt the woman was "rubbing salt in the wound" but Argent_Hythe countered: "If the sister-in-law hadn't gone out of her way to vilify her to the whole family I'd agree with you but all things considered she was justified."

OddAsk9838 felt that ultimately the woman should have risen above it. "She just had her wedding and dress destroyed," she said. "You were, indeed, immature in that moment."

Lammington2 agreed that the timing was key and it was a comment that should have been saved for "after the wedding" when the bride "has had time to recover and reflect" rather than "while she is crying in her stained wedding dress."

Newsweek has contacted SILASMADATME32 for comment.