Woman Writes Sassy 'Why I'm Single' Brochures for Wedding and Twitter is Loving It

In preparation for her cousin's wedding, one New York-based marketer found a sassy way to answer the usual, awkward question that everyone despises: Why are you single?

Originally posted June14, the hilarious brochure's creator is Melissa Croce (@melissacroce) and Twitter was completely up in arms with not only her dedication to the craft but her witty responses to the awkward question through a "choose your own adventure experience."

"I jokingly told my coworkers I would make a brochure to hand out to relatives/family friends at my cousin's wedding but I was too committed to the bit to quit," Croce initially tweeted, along with photos of the brochure.

i jokingly told my coworkers i would make a brochure to hand out to relatives/family friends at my cousin’s wedding but i was too committed to the bit to quit: pic.twitter.com/CcBVe4V47N

— Melissa Croce (@melissacroce) June 15, 2019

While the first page addresses frequently asked questions about her job and where she lives, it was the "Why I'm Single" portion that Twitter really took ahold of.

"People loved it! Many wanted me to make them one for their own family events," Croce told Buzzfeed. "What surprised me were people online who related to it and told me so, especially those who seemed to feel a bit like outcasts in their families."

She continued: "There were many family friends who I haven't seen in a long time, and — not to overestimate my own importance at my cousin's wedding — but I was kind of dreading the small talk associated with the event, which I knew might consist of answering the same questions over and over: explaining my job, my life in New York, and why I'm single."

"Oh my GOD oh my GOD I have to commission one of these from you for my brother's wedding," one Twitter user said. "This is a work of genius."

"I will literally PAY YOU to make one of these for me since I'll be seeing my mom's side of the family for the first time in 8 years soonish," @EM_bolden added. "Wouldn't even need to change the last page bc it is actually perfect (just like you). Incredible! Astounding! Art in its purest form!"

While the brochure was hilariously relatable, Croce revealed to Buzzfeed that she didn't actually go through we handing it out at the wedding: "For one thing, I like my cousin, and secondly, I don't think my aunts and uncles would've been too pleased with me if I did."

"I did have to answer many of the questions on the brochure, so maybe I should've after all," she concluded.

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