Woman's Disastrous Wedding Cake Saga Goes Viral: 'That Can't Be Real Life'

One woman took to social media to share the cake design for her upcoming wedding—and compared it to the upsetting end-product she actually received. The clip, found here, has left viewers stunned, amassing over 230,000 views and tens of thousands of likes since it was posted earlier this month.

The wedding cake is an iconic, near-ubiquitous part of many couples' big days—meaning that people will go to great lengths to ensure the confection is a showstopper. According to the wedding planning site The Knot, 76 percent of couples who got married in 2019 featured a wedding cake as part of their festivities.

As a result, for many couples, wedding cakes are no small investment. The site collected data from 27,000 couples who wed in 2019 to find out the average cost of a wedding cake for that year. The answer? About $500. The price, however, can vary dramatically from couple to couple, depending on the size, ingredients, and design of their cake.

TikToker @agwright1231's brief clip began with her explaining: "So we picked up our wedding cake..."

The video cuts to an image of a professionally-styled wedding cake from Martha Stewart Living. "This is what it was supposed to look like," she said. The cake features three tiers that had been frosted simply and decorated with white flowers and delicate floral buds.

She then cuts to the real-life cake she received—and the contrast is stark. Not only does the cake not even closely resemble the reference photo, but its construction appears unstable and its decoration is messy. Needless to say, the TikToker was not happy—and neither were viewers, on her behalf.

The video received hundreds of comments, almost all of which expressed dismay at the wedding cake fail. "I would be in shambles rocking back and [forth] on the floor," wrote @r_umad. "That can't be real life! OMG I hope you returned it," echoed @softcentaur.

Some, however, argued that the TikToker likely did not pay enough to receive a high-quality cake. "You get what you pay for!" wrote @jewelofyourdreams. "That's terrible but I can tell that it was cheap!"

The TikToker, however, quickly refuted that claim: in a follow-up clip, she revealed that the cake actually cost $550, bringing it just over the 2019 average calculated by The Knot. She added that she had yet to be refunded for the disastrous cake, a fact which outraged viewers.

Despite the stressful situation, it doesn't appear that @agwright1231 let the ordeal affect the big day. In a TikTok posted after the wedding, she explained that her friends performed "emergency surgery on the cake." She showed a picture of the new-and-improved cake, which had been re-iced and decorated with flowers.

Newsweek has reached out to @agwright1231 for additional comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Wedding Cake
A TikToker was disappointed in the cake she ultimately received for her wedding. A wedding cake being made in London, in preparation for a royal wedding, 2018. HANNAH MCKAY/AFP/Getty Images