Woman's Fake Smile at High School Graduation Has Internet in Stitches

Much of life is about pretending—social convention often dictates we smile through gritted teeth and mask our emotions to appease others.

However, one woman has gone viral online for deciding not to smile at her high school graduation until it was absolutely necessary—and the internet finds it hilarious.

The video was shared by Mary Macmillan, known online as @marymacmillan, and shows her wearing a flowing white dress as she takes to the stage.

A group of her peers stand behind her clapping, as her name is called.

The young woman then walks across to a suited man who is ready to hand her the diploma.

So far so normal... if it wasn't for the facial expression she was pulling.

Macmillan displays a thunderous look, as she crosses the stage and accepts her qualification.

But why the video is so funny is she then briefly flashes a kilowatt smile for the camera flash, before immediately dropping back to the angry glare.

Macmillan captioned her video, implying she was in on the joke, writing: "The moment I lived for #homechef #NotOneThing #quarantine #lol #ew #highechoolmusical."

The footage was shared on April 6, 2020, and has since received more than 16.5 million times, and surpassed 4 million likes.

The clip has also recently gained popularity on meme site Pubity, and has been viewed over 9 million times since it was posted on June 9.

Many people took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious footage.

One TikTok user, known online as Fellow B****, wrote: "Me when my mom wants to take photos in front of Walmart."

Another person, User202113195, added: "That face change though, woo."

Meganhbolton gushed: "Omg love this so much."

Rhea commented: "The smile drop omg."

An account by the name of Ab****ToldMeToChangeMyName typed: "She really said: smile... Alright now give me the damn thing."

However, a video that also recently took TikTok by storm, showcased a preschooler shocking the crowd at her graduation for a very different reason.

TikTok user baybay_930 took to the app on May 19 to share footage of her daughter's preschool graduation ceremony.

When her daughter Presley, who is wearing a tiny graduation gown and cap, heads to the stage to receive her diploma she is asked by her teacher: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

The young girl pauses for thought, before replying: "umm... a witch."

The whole audience then erupts with laughter at the unexpected moment.

Presley's mom captioned the video, writing: "So my daughter graduated from preschool tonight did not see that coming!"

woman wearing graduation hat
A stock image of a woman wearing graduation attire. On TikTok a graduate has gone viral for her demeanor when accepting her diploma. Getty Images