Woman's Graduation Walk Ruined by Screaming Match in the Background

A student has shared the moment her long-anticipated graduation walk was ruined by a screaming fit in the crowd.

Alexandra Garcia, who posts under alexandraa.x0x0 on TikTok, shared what was meant to be the proud moment online, after it became memorable for a very different reason.

The short clip, shot from the audience, shows Garcia's name being called, as she walks onto the stage.

The videographer cheers her on as the crowd claps, but she's barely taken a few steps when there's shrieking from the back of the room.

Noticeably distracted, Garcia peers in the direction of the noise, as a woman can be heard screeching at the top of her lungs "no, nothing's right," and other inaudible words.

The room falls quiet, as Garcia, from Florida, ends her walk in confusion, later saying she was "so angry."

Garcia captioned the clip, shared on Saturday, May 22: "This is how my walk went. Wait for it."


my friend said think this would go viral 😩 I was so angry #graduacion2021 #graduationfail #gradwalk

♬ original sound - alexandra <3

She later claimed: "Btw I tried to walk again and they would not let me."

It's since been viewed more than 25 million times, and she shared a follow-up part on Thursday, explaining the background of the cacophony.

She said: "After my graduation, as from what I understand, something happened outside with this person. No, this person is not a friend or anybody related to me. It had nothing to do with me personally, it just happened to have happened in the middle of my walk.

"Yes I was upset, I was disappointed. But I was mostly embarrassed, I felt bad for my friends and my family who were watching it live. It is not what I had envisioned my graduation walk to be like. That is my story, that is what happened. I want to thank you guys for turning this embarrassing moment into the most memorable."

Although Garcia didn't confirm which educational establishment she attended, one woman, called Cally Marie Loftus, commented: "My dad is the principal at the HS (bald man) he came home that night and was like 'I'm retiring.'"

To which Garcia replied: "Lamo omg."

Records show a certain Douglas Loftus is the principal at Acceleration East High School, in Orlando, suggesting this could be where Garcia was graduating from.

Garcia later seemed to own the experience, sharing a snap to Instagram earlier this week simply captioned: "Unfazed."

Numerous people commented on the videos, sympathizing with her experience.

Aminaa pointed out: "It's okay at least your walk was unique."

JD agreed, writing: "You'll have the most unique walk, and story of that class too."

Luna thought: "I would've waited up there til she finished screaming so I could get my walk."

Kay Sweeney wrote: "People have no respect for others & don't know how to act. Sorry this happened to you, and proud you can light out of it because not me."

Newsweek reached out to Garcia for comment.