Woman's Hair 'Snapped at Root' After Stylist Takes Lunch During Treatment

It can be challenging for some to trust their hairstylists—and horror stories like this one are a reminder of why.

Laura Jarvie, known on the app as @laurajarvie3, posted a video to TikTok earlier this week recounting her nightmare incident. Since then, the clip has racked up nearly a million views.

"Thinkin about the time I got my hair chemically straightened and the chick left to get lunch and it over developed and half my hair snapped off at the roots," reads the video's on-screen text.

The video cuts to an image of Jarvie after the incident: while some of her long, brown hair is still intact, at least half of it appears shorn at the root. Another view, from behind, shows what essentially looks like a bald patch on the back of Jarvie's head.

The video's final image shows an enormous pile of hair that had been swept into a corner. In the comments section, Jarvie clarifies that the picture showed "[her] bathroom, about a week after [she] got it done."

Jarvie, who Nine.com.au reports is from Hobart, Australia, is seen at the beginning of her post with long, healthy-looking hair—suggesting that the ordeal, and its accompanying pictures, were from some time ago.

With over 115,000 likes and three thousand comments, viewers are dying to know the full story.

"Story time!!" write one top comment. "Did you sue? Did they get fired?" Many more wondered if she received some form of "compensation" after the incident.

Another commenter, self-described as a "licensed cosmetologist," wrote: "I hope you SUED her and she should have her license revoked! I'm so sorry! Your hair has [come] back beautifully."

"They aren't allowed to leave you to your own devices with chemicals processing," added another.

While the incident was certainly unfortunate, it appears that Jarvie is not entirely alone in her experience.

"THIS HAPPENED TO ME!" wrote one commenter. "I bought a hair relaxer from Sally's, it burned my hair off and fell off as I was rinsing."

Added another: "Yup same thing happened to me a few years ago! Was horrible."

"I had a stylist chemically straighten my hair when I was a teen and I was screaming [that] it burned & they didn't stop it," echoed another viewer. "I had scabs all over after!"

Jarvie, who could not be reached for comment, has yet to provide further information on the incident, despite her viewers' begging.

While it's unclear exactly what kind of straightening treatment Jarvie received, Healthline reports that "breakage after a permanent hair straightening treatment is somewhat common" because "the chemical solution works by, in essence, damaging your hair so it lies flat or releases its natural curl."

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