Woman's Security Camera Captures Sinister Man Lurking Outside Her Home

A woman in the U.S. has shared terrifying footage of the moment the security camera set up outside her home captured an unknown man lurking outside the property.

Trish Creech from Pittsburgh posted a video of her experience on TikTok, in an attempt to encourage others to get cameras outside their homes.

Her video showcases the moment when, one dark night around midnight, a balding man in a yellow T-shirt appeared outside her home.

"I have never seen this man before in my life," Trish wrote in a caption accompanying the clip.

In the footage, the man is initially seen loitering around the outside of the property.

A moment later, Creech's voice can be heard saying "hello."

Evidently startled by the sound of her greeting, the man proceeds to explain his predicament—but it's a far from convincing excuse.

"I'm kinda lost," he claims. "I don't have a cell phone can you tell me where I am."

At that point, he starts mumbling something to himself and appears to be walking away.

However, a moment later he returned having taken his yellow T-shirt off.

By then, Creech had begun calling out for her 23-year-old son who was thankfully back home from college at the time.

At this point, the man appears to change tack again, asking her "Where does this road go to?"

According to a caption included at the conclusion of the clip, the man departed shortly after when Creech's son and their dog turned up on the scene.

The video chronicling Creech's experience can be viewed here.


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While much remains unexplained about the nature of the man's motives, several TikTokers were quick to note something that was specifically unnerving about him taking off his T-shirt.

Gablues1977 wrote: "He had that shirt wrapped around his hand because he was about to break a window or something to get in."

Mctarf agreed: "He was planning on putting his fist through that glass! You're lucky your kid was home."

Growing2bhappy offered up another perspective on the experience.

"I always worry if I say something out of my ring doorbell, it'll confirm I'm a woman," she commented. "So instead I just let my dog bark for me."

Daintydoodler had an even more sinister thought.

"He may have been watching you and not realized your son was home," they wrote.

Senayjacksonactress agreed: "He's been watching you. An what's weird is that he comes back! He's dangerous."

Creech confirmed to her followers that she was on the phone to a 911 operator throughout much of the incident and officers were dispatched to her address soon after.

She later described the details of the incident to Newsweek.

"It all happened so fast," she said. "I had flown back into town from Memphis that morning. Worked all day and was exhausted."

Just as she was starting to drift off to sleep, her dog began barking and Creech received a notification from the security camera she had outside.

"I thought [the dog] was barking at an animal," she said. "I live in a heavily wooded area and it happens a lot. So I let the dog in the bedroom and viewed the recorded clip. That's when I saw the first shot of [the man] standing in my driveway."

According to Creech, the man appeared eager to ask her for directions and help until her son and their dog arrived on the scene. "When he saw them he turned and walked away," she said.

Creech handed the videos over to the police but they have yet to track him down.

"They canvased the neighborhood and never found him," she said.

"The interesting thing is that my house is really the only isolated spot in this neighborhood. I am at the top of a hill. There are bars and gas stations at the bottom of the hill only a few blocks away. With streets of lined houses all the way down. Pretty scary stuff."

Mystery man lurking outside woman's home.
Security camera footage of a man lurking outside a woman's home in Pennsylvania. TikTok/Creecher13