Woman's Viral TikTok Shows Her Being Catcalled By Over 20 Men on Street

In the latest TikTok trend of women sharing their experiences of surviving sexual harassment, a young woman went viral for posting her recent encounter with "20+ boys" while walking alone at night.

Madeleine Lou Marsh, an 18-year-old living in Kent, posted a frightening TikTok on Sunday, April 4 titled "Pov: 20+ boys that have been following you for the last 30 mins through town and won't leave you alone."

Marsh explained to Newsweek that she had gone out for a bite to eat with some friends and was walking home at "8 pm in a fully lit space." Shortly after, she heard a group of men talking about her and tried to walk away.

"Then they stopped me and asked for my Snapchat ... I walked on and could hear them continue to follow me down the road, I got to the end of the street where I was waiting to get picked up." she said.


We love this 🤗 (I’m smiling because I’m nervous not bc I’m happy) #pov #destinationdepop #LiveForTheChallenge #fyp #catcalled

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"C'mon baby girl, listen," one calls out in the video. "I'll give you an enjoyable time girl," yells another. One man even boldly proclaims that "she got a batty though."

When Marsh tried to politely tell the men that she has a boyfriend and that she was not interested in their advances, the callouts became increasingly hostile. Some even demanded to know her boyfriend's name and where he lived.

"Move over there then, f**k off," one said. "He ain't with you though ... forget him," called out another.

Marsh explained that she decided to record what was happening to alert her friends that she was in danger. "Whilst I was waiting they approached me a second time which is when I decided to film it," she said. "I then sent the video straight to my friends saying 'help' then my friends rushed round the corner to come find me."

Marsh was then able to safely get away from the men, saying "I'll see you later" as she quickly walked away. She captioned the video, which now has over 71k likes, "We love this (I'm smiling because I'm nervous not bc I'm happy)."

Many comments left under her video were concerned for her safety, with many writing notes like "I hope you're okay" and "Are you safe?" Others lamented on the reality this is for many women walking alone late at night. "I'm not even surprised by this behaviour anymore," one commented. "I'm really sorry [I] hope you're okay."

Not all viewers were as sympathetic. One even boldly proclaimed, "Damn you're pretty fine tho I would harass you as well," to which Marsh responded with a video of her and her boyfriend Riley looking bewildered.

The video comes in the aftermath of the tragic death of Sarah Everard, who disappeared on her walk home by herself from a friend's house last month. The search for her gained national attention, and a London police officer was arrested in connection to her ultimate death after her remains were found.

Just weeks ago, a recent study showed that "97 percent" of women between the ages of 18 to 24 in the U.K. had experienced some form of public sexual harassment.

Marsh hopes that her video can spark conversation and find solutions to the harassment many women endure. "By spreading awareness and teaching not just boys but everyone from a young age about sexual assault/harassment etc. [we] can help build a safer environment for us all," she said. "I would love to be able to walk down my street after sunset feeling safe, and knowing that I will arrive home without any chance of being followed or approached."

Updated on 4/7/2021 at 11 am to include Marsh's statements to Newsweek.

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Madeleine Lou Marsh was caught by '20+ boys' catcalling her late at night on April 4. Pictures Ltd./Corbis/Getty Images