Woody Risks Death In Venice

At this point, you'd think WOODY ALLEN would be the last guy to press his luck. Not so. Italian reports say the diminutive director is negotiating to buy Ca' Dario, a three-story marble palazzo in Venice. (Asking price: about $10 million.) He's said to have fallen in love with it during a Venetian New Year's Eve jaunt with young Soon-Yi Previn. Problem is, the place is cursed. Since Ca' Dario's construction in 1487, a litany of woes has been visited upon its occupants. The original owner's daughter died of "heartache" at a tender age, and the family's last heir was killed in a 17th-century robbery. During the 19th century, a wealthy Armenian diamond merchant went bust weeks after buying the palazzo, an English aristocrat killed himself and a French poet living there fell ill and died. Want more? Count Filippo Delle Lanze was shot in one of Ca' Dario's bedrooms in 1970, recent buyer Fabrizio Ferrari accidentally ran over his sister shortly after moving in (this may be coincidence) and the latest owner, Italian billionaire Raul Gardini, committed suicide last summer. Mama mia!