'Word Cookies' Holiday Event Answers: Cheats For Every Daily Holiday Puzzle (December 1-31)

Has a "Word Cookies" Holiday Event puzzle got you stumped? Check out our complete guide with puzzle answers for every day of the holiday event running December 1 - 31st.

Word Cookies holiday event has once again arrived and with it comes the annual holiday Word Cookies puzzle. Each puzzle features an arrangement of letters that spell out a holiday-related word as well as other words using those letters. Every puzzle you complete earns you special snowflake cookies that are converted into gold coins for your game. As the days pass the answers to the puzzles can become more difficult to find and so to help you on your quest, we've put together a guide to all the puzzle answers for each day of the Holiday Event. We will post the latest puzzle answers at the top of the post, with older answer sets towards the bottom.

Happy Puzzling!

Word Cookies Holiday Event Answers: Cheats For December 19 Puzzle

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Word Cookies Holiday Event Answers: December 19, 2018 BitMango
  • Rudolph
  • Duo
  • Drop
  • Pour
  • Hop
  • Hold
  • Prod
  • Old
  • Our
  • Hurl
  • Holdup
  • Pod
  • Lord
  • Uphold
  • Pro
  • Loud
  • Dour
  • Plod

Past Word Cookies Holiday Event Answers

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Players earn snowflake cookies and coins for solving Word Cookies Holiday Event Puzzles BitMango
  • Word Cookies December 18 Answers - Carol, Arc, Car, Oar, Coal, Oral, Coral
  • Word Cookies December 17 Answers - Jingle, Gel, Gin, Jig, Lie, Nil, Lien, Line
  • Word Cookies December 16 Answers - Ribbon, Bib, Ion, Nib, Nor, Orb, Rib, Rob, Born, Iron, Robin
  • Word Cookies December 15 Answers - Garland, And, Lad, Lag, Nag, Rag, Ran, Darn, Drag, Gala, Glad, Land, Rang, Grand
  • Word Cookies December 14 Answers - Silver, Ire, Lie, Sir, Vie, Evil, Isle, Live, Rile, Rise, Viel, Vies, Vile, Evils, Liver, Lives, Riles, Veils, Viler, Livers, Sliver
  • Word Cookies December 13 Answers - Penguin, Gin, Gun, Inn, Nip, Nun, Peg, Pen, Pie, Pig, Pin, Pug, Pun, Nine, Pine, Ping
  • Word Cookies December 12 Answers - Flurry, Fly, Fury, Fry, Furry, Fur
  • Word Cookies December 11 Answers - Pine, In, Pi, Nip, Pen, Pie, Pin
  • Word Cookies December 10 Answers - Sledge, Eel, Gel, Led, Leg, See, Edge, Eels, Else, Gels, Glee, Legs, Seed, Sled, Edges, Ledge, Ledges
  • Word Cookies December 9 Answers - Chilly, Icy, Hill, Lily, Chill
  • Word Cookies December 8 Answers - Skate, Ask, Ate, Eat, Sat, Sea, Set, Tea, East, Eats, Sake, Seat, Taje, Task, Teak, Stake, Steak, Takes
  • Word Cookies December 7 Answers - Angel, Age, Ale. Gel, Lag, Leg, Nag, Gale, Lane, Lean, Angle, Glean
  • Word Cookies December 6 Answers - Hockey, Coy, Hey, Coke, Echo, Hock, Yoke, Choke
  • Word Cookies December 5Answers - Icicles, Ice, Lie, Ices, Isle, Lice, Slice, Icicle
  • Word Cookies December 4 Answers - Gloves, Ego, Gel, Leg, Log, Egos, Gels, Goes, Legs, Logs, Lose, Love, Ogle, Slog, Sole, Glove, Loves, Solve
  • Word Cookies December 3 Answers - White, Hew, Hit, The, Tie, Wet, Wit, Whet, With
  • Word Cookies December 2 Answers - Skiing, Gin, Ink, Kin, Sin, Gins, Inks, King, Sign, Sing, Sink, Skin, Kings
  • Word Cookies December 1 Answers - Frost, For, Rot, Fort, Rots, Soft, Sort, Forts
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