'Wordle' #257 Guide: Clues and Answer for the March 3 Puzzle

Wordle #257 is not as tricky as some of the other daily puzzles, but that does not mean it's easy to guess. If you're struggling with this latest brainteaser, Newsweek has prepared a short guide to help you out.

First of all, it is important to note that there is no "wrong" way to play Wordle. There are many different strategies you can adopt and they all have their benefits. Some players like to focus on using up all the vowels in their first attempt (with a starting word such as "Audio"), whereas others prefer to just improvise and go with the flow.

Meanwhile, the game's own developer, Josh Wardle, finds that it can often be beneficial to ignore the green tiles altogether and just concentrate on whittling down as many letters from the alphabet as possible.

According to his logic, it can often be just as useful to know which characters are not in the word of the day as which ones are.

It's this freedom to experiment that makes Wordle so compelling. After all, while everyone is trying to come up with the same answer, we all get there in completely different ways. Hence why it's become so trendy for people to share their result grids on social media, as you can then see who found the most efficient method and who just barely scraped by.

With that in mind, there are lots of ways you could potentially solve the Wordle on Thursday, March 3, but our tips will get you there fastest.

'Wordle' #257 Clues for March 3

As always, we will publish the final answer for Wordle #257 at the very end of this article. If you don't want such a blatant spoiler, then the following clues will help you figure it out on your own.

  • Hint #1: Wordle #257 has a pair of consecutive vowels. You can use the starting word "Audio" to identify them as yellow tiles
  • Hint #2: There are no repeating characters that you have to worry about here
  • Hint #2: The word of the day has sad connotations and is something that you might associate with funerals. Specifically, it is used to describe the process of grieving
  • Hint #4: It rhymes with "Scorn" and "Thorn"
  • Hint #5: Merriam-Webster defines Wordle #257 as a transitive verb that means "to feel or express sorrow".

'Wordle' #257 Answer for March 3

The answer to Wordle #256 is "Mourn."

The next Wordle puzzle will become available at 7 p.m. ET, when the daily refresh occurs. In the meantime, you might want to try some alternative word games or the math-themed Nerdle.

Wordle #257 Answer for March 3
Image shows the answer for "Wordle" #257 on March 3. The answer is "Mourn". The New York Times Company