Wordle #337 Answer: Hints and Tips To Solve Sunday, May 22, Wordle

Wordle is a word game that tests veteran players and newcomers who all try to solve the puzzle within six tries; fortunately, Newsweek is on hand to help those who might want some help to work it out.

The rules of the puzzle game are simple and follow a color-coded system that players use in order to work out the five-letter word.

In the game, green tiles show the player has chosen the correct letter and that it is in the right place, a yellow tile indicates the letter is right but in the wrong place while a gray tile means the letter is not in the word.

Luckily, Wordle resets each day, which means those players who failed to solve the puzzle only need to wait a few hours before they can try again.

Photo of woman playing Wordle
A photo of a woman playing Wordle. The game rapidly grew in popularity. Getty

Software engineer Josh Wardle create Wordle during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a game for him and his partner to play.

When Wordle launched in October 2021, there were an estimated 90 people who could be counted among its active player base but it has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon with tens of millions of daily users.

The game went from being an intimate experience to a globe-spanning sensation in a matter of months and its meteoric rise can be seen in the following Statista graphic.

As Wordle continued to grow in popularity, The New York Times Company stepped in to buy it for a seven-figure sum in January. Wordle moved over to the publication's website in February.

But for players who want help to figure out today's answer—read on.

Wordle #337 Hints and Clues for Sunday, May 22

Here are five clues and tips that can help you solve today's tricky Wordle puzzle.

Each hint will bring you closer to the answer, so those who want only a little help only have to stop reading before more obvious clues are revealed.

Hint #1: Today's Wordle answer is a noun

Hint #2: The answer begins with an M

Hint #3: Today's Wordle answer has no repeating letters

Hint #4: The Wordle answer contains two vowels

Hint #5: Merriam-Webster's definition of the word is "something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment."

Wordle #337 Answer for Sunday, May 22

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle is "money."

For those who found today's puzzle a bit hard to figure out, they can wait for a new one when it resets at 7 p.m. EDT. Players who are looking for a similar challenge can play one of these puzzle games.

Today's Wordle word is Money
A photo of today's Wordle answer, which is Money. The game resets every day. New York Times