'Wordle' #354 Answer and Clues: How to Solve Wednesday, June 8 Puzzle

Wordle has proven to be an incredibly popular puzzle ever since its debut in 2020.

The digital puzzle has attracted millions of players who use its color-coded system to work out the answer.

When it launched, the game only had around 90 users, but this quickly blossomed into 45 million regular, daily users.

In fact the puzzle became so widely-used and popular that the New York Times Company purchased it for a seven-figure sum in January 2021.

Despite its popularity, the puzzle can at often times be quite difficult and challenging. This is why Newsweek has created a segment where you can find all of the clues and if you're really stumped the answer to the latest Wordle.

Following Wordle's release, several other similar online puzzle games emerged, including Quordle, Squabble and Heardle.

The daily word game is free to access here.

General Tips and Advice

Struggling to finish the latest Wordle, or new to the game? Don't worry, we've got some clues and tips for you here.

Generally, we always recommend avoiding specific letters such as X, Z and Q until you have a better grasp on what the word is.

Matthew Robinson, a junior client service director, claims to have a "100 percent win record since starting to play the game in January."

He spoke to Newsweek on tricks and tips to solving the online puzzle game:

"One tip that I have is to try, where possible, to cover as many vowels as possible in your first two words, as it really helps to narrow down the options and puts you in a good position to get a 3/6.

"Another tip is to always be aware of potential double letters in words (e.g., 'sweet' or 'messy') as this can trip some people up."

Need some advice solving the Wordle #354? We've got some tricks and tips for you below:

Wordle May 9th
An image of the Wordle puzzle on May 9th MICHAEL DRAPER

Hint #1: Today's Wordle uses vowels in two positions

Hint #2: One of the vowels is repeated in the word

Hint #3: It can be used to describe someone's personality

Hint #4: It has a consonant as the first letter.

Still having trouble solving the latest Wordle even with the hints and tricks? We've got the answer for Wordle #354 right below:

Wordle #354 Answer for June, 8th, 2022

The Wordle 354 answer for Wednesday 1st of June 2022 is "Trait."

For those players who found today's puzzle a little tricky, remember that the puzzle will reset at 7 pm ET, so you can always wait to do the next one then.

And if you're a true Wordle fan through and through, there are plenty of different challenges and games you can try next, including these similar games.