Wordle #404 Clues, Hints and Answer for Thursday, July 28 Word Puzzle

Whether you're a Wordle novice or a seasoned player, the online brainteaser can be tricky.

Wordle, which you can play for free here, was created by Josh Wardle. After its launch in 2021, it had only a few dozen players but it soon became a global hit. It is now part of daily life for millions of people.

Wardle, a software engineer, first devised the puzzle in 2013. During the COVID lockdown, he returned to the project and perfected it with help from his partner Palak Shah.

The game is pretty straightforward: you have to guess a five-letter word and you get six goes to do it. You enter your guesses on a color-coded grid, so when a letter is in the right position it will turn green. Any letters that are in the word but have been placed in the wrong spot will turn yellow. Letters that aren't in the word at all will turn gray.

'Wordle' #404 Hints and Clues for Thursday, July 28

The answer to Wordle #404 can be found at the bottom of this page. So, if you just want a few hints to help you with the July 28 word or general advice on how to play, scroll carefully.

Wardle recommends that players spend their first few attempts eliminating as much of the alphabet as possible.

Your first try should be a word that contains plenty of vowels, such as AUDIO. It's best to stay away from less common letters such as X, Q or Z, until you have a better idea of what the word might be.

Below are four hints to help you solve Wordle #404. Each clue will bring you closer to the solution so, if you only need a little bit of help, stop reading before the final hint.

Hint #1: The word starts with the letter "S"

Hint #2: Today's Wordle contains one vowel

Hint #3: It ends with the letter "P"

Hint #4: The word means to tread heavily

'Wordle' #404 Answer for Thursday, July 28

The answer to Wordle #404 is "STOMP." The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a verb that means "to walk with a loud heavy step usually in anger." It gives the example "stomped out of the office in a fit."

The word also has similar meanings to "stamp," the dictionary says, in uses such as "they stomped on the brakes" or the jazz dance known as "the stomp."

Wordle updates every day at 7 p.m. ET, so it won't be long until you can have another go. While you're waiting for the game to refresh, why not try another online brainteaser, such as the geography guessing game Worldle or one of these word puzzles?

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