Wordle #414 Answer, Hints and Clues for Sunday, August 7 Puzzle

Wordle, the daily puzzle fix for millions of people, can be notoriously tricky and stump veteran players and newcomers alike.

Fortunately, Newsweek is here for people who might want some help to steer them in the right direction.

Every day players have to guess Wordle's five-letter word, with a color-coded system to show how close they are to the right answer.

In the game, green tiles show the letter is correct and in the right place, a yellow tile tells the player the letter is right but in the wrong place and a gray tile indicates the letter is not in the word at all.

A photo of a woman playing Wordle
A photo of a woman playing Wordle. Wordle has millions of daily players. Getty

The simple gameplay mechanic has helped take Wordle from an intimate online experience to a worldwide hit with millions of daily players.

Wordle's incredible rise can be seen in this Statista chart that tracks how many people take part in the puzzle game.

Wordle Use Stats

Josh Wardle created Wordle during the COVID pandemic as a game for him and his partner to play.

As Wordle grew in popularity, The New York Times bought the puzzle for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

But Wardle said he never intended to make money off his creation and that it was something he simply wanted him and his partner to enjoy.

He previously said: "What's interesting is, people ask me all the time about the monetization stuff. Like, 'you could put ads on it, you could do premium.'

"And I don't know, maybe I am an idiot.

"None of that appeals to me. I think because I started with intention of not doing it, it's been easy to say no. If I'd been trying to make a viral game I think it would be very different."

For those who are struggling to answer today's word puzzle, Newsweek has a few hints and tips to help solve the teaser.

Wordle Hints and Clues for Wordle #414, Sunday, August 7

Hint #1: The Wordle answer is a noun.

Hint #2: It has no repeating letters in it.

Hint #3: There are two vowels in today's Wordle answer.

Hint #4: Merriam-Webster defines the word as "a viscous or sticky substance" or "a usually unsubstantiated charge or accusation against a person or organization - often used attributively."

Hint #5: The word starts with "S."

Wordle Answer for Wordle #407, Sunday, August 7

The answer to the Sunday, August 7, Wordle word puzzle is "SMEAR."

Wordle will reset with a new puzzle at 7 p.m. ET when the daily update happens.

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