'Wordle' Word #345 Answer: 4 Clues to Solve Today's Puzzle - May 30

Wordle is the ingenious word game delivered straight to your smartphone, giving enthusiasts of everything alphabet-related half a dozen attempts to guess the answer.

But the cryptic puzzle's difficulty rating can vary from day to day, depending on how obscure or archaic the word is.

Fortunately, advice on cracking the answer is available by scrolling down this article. But first, let's quickly repeat the rules to Wordle.

The best way to reach the solution in six guesses or fewer is to let the color of the tiles guide you.

Green tiles let the player know they have selected the correct letter and that it's positioned in exactly the right place.

Yellow tiles indicate the letter is right, although it's in the wrong place. Gray colors suggest you must try again, as the letter isn't featured in the answer.

Wordle retains the records of everyone's vital statistics, logging how many guesses have been required in the past, and the length of people's winning streaks.

PR professional Jake O'Neill believes smartphone games such as Wordle have transformed his morning routine.

He told Newsweek: "I'm a big Wordle fan, my wife and I play and share results in a family WhatsApp group, alongside other 'dle' games.

"At various times these have included: Heardle, Moviedle, Movlie, Framed, Survivle, Nerdle, Actorle and Quordle. I'm sure I'm missing some!

"It's become part of the morning routine—I used to check Twitter, but now I play very quick 'dle' games!"

Spoiler alert: the answer to May 30's Wordle #345 is found at the bottom of this article, so take care when scrolling down, and remember to return tomorrow for more hints.

'Wordle' Origins

Wordle was created by Welsh engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his girlfriend, but the game swiftly went viral.

It is thought millions of puzzle-obsessed people now play this game every day, and fans have even created alternate Wordle versions inspired by the original.

The word puzzle game proved so popular, the prestigious New York Times eventually bought it, and TikTok creators today even livestream themselves playing Wordle.

The Statista graph below tracks Wordle's popularity among puzzle fans around the world.

Wordle Use Stats
Newsweek is on hand if players are stuck on Wordle #345 on May 30, 2022 Statista

'Wordle' #345 — Hints for Monday, May 30

The best Wordle starting word is the one you feel will work. But read on for the following hints if you require some help.

Hint #1: The five-letter word solution for Wordle #345 includes two different popular vowels sitting apart from each other.

Hint #2: There are relatively few words such as Wordle #345's answer as it includes two identical consonants sitting next to each other.

Hint #3: U.S. dictionary Merriam-Webster defines the Wordle #345 answer as "A ring-shaped coral reef, island, or series of islets."

Hint #4: Synonyms for the Wordle #345 answer include: "archipelago", "enclave", "isle", "islet", "peninsula" and "reef."

Good luck with working out the answer for this Monday, and remember to return for another set of Wordle hints and tips as the arrival of another month looms.

'Wordle' #345 Answer for Monday, May 30

Still having trouble even after these four hints found above? The answer to Wordle #345 on Monday, May 30, is "Atoll."

Wordle refreshes daily at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT), with another new puzzle available for puzzle fans to attempt.

Wordle fans wanting something more while they wait for another daily brainteaser can attempt some more word-based puzzles right HERE.

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