'World of Dance' Season 2 Episode 15 'Divisional Final' Recap and Results: Who Made it to The World Final?

The Divisional Finals on "World of Dance" begin tonight. Find out which acts get eliminated and which move on to the World Final, here.

World of Dance is drawing to a close as the Divisional Finals kick off Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 9 p.m. EDT. During the show the final acts from each division will face off for coveted spots in next week's World Final.

If you aren't familiar with how The Divisional Finals work, all the remaining acts in a single division (Junior, Junior Team, Upper and Upper Team) will perform for the judges but only one act will be chosen to move forward to the World Final. As each act performs, the judges will submit scores based off the show's unique five-point scoring system. The act with the highest score will represent their division in the Finale, while the other two teams will say goodbye.

Twelve acts in total will perform during the Divisional Finals with just four progressing to the World Final. As soon as tonight's show kicks off, we'll add live updates and recap information about who made it through and who was eliminated. In the meantime, if you missed The Cut last week you can check out a rundown of which acts made it through and which were eliminated, here.

Divisional Finals Recap & Results: Which Acts Made it to the World Final? Which Were Eliminated?

The Divisional Finals kicked off by changing things up a little. The judges have welcomed Misty Copeland as a guest judge. Singer-songwriter and dancer, Ciara, serves as this week's dance mentor.

The acts moving to the World Finals are:

  • Michael Dameski (Upper)
  • S-Rank (Upper Team)
  • The Lab (Junior Team)
  • Charity and Andres (Junior)

For individual scores and recap info, see our live blog updates below.

Karen, y, Ricardo  world, of, dance, 2018, divisional, finals, recap, results, who, left, eliminated, stayed, tonight, season, 2, episode, 15, time, schedule, day, come, on, tonight
Karen y Ricardo earned a near perfect score during the Qualifers. NBC

Upper #1: Karen y Ricardo (Latin/Cabaret) -- ELIMINATED

Karen y Ricardo started thier routine with the dizzying turns they become known for. But besides showing off thier signature moves, there were plenty of other polished tricks and flips added to make it clear why this duo has achieved nearly perfect scores every time they perform.

"You are always competition ready. It was another stellar act," said Jennifer.

"It was amazing start to finish," added Ne-Yo.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 95
  • Jennifer: 96
  • Derek: 96
  • Misty: 94
  • Overall Score: 95.3

Upper #2: Ashley and Zack (Contemporary) -- ELIMINATED

Ashley and Zack winners who won world of dance season 2 episode 15 divisional finals winners dancers recap results
Ashley and Zack Andrew Eccles/NBC

The couple opted to use a red sash as a prop throughout the dance. While they used the sash quite effectively to tell their emotional story, not all the judges loved it.

"I loved the dance, I just wanted to see more of you guys and less of that [prop]," said Misty.

"We knew the prop was a risky thing," said Jennifer, "but it was a strong performance—you were commited from beginning to end.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 84
  • Jennifer: 86
  • Derek: 90
  • Misty: 86
  • Overall Score: 86.8

Upper #3 Michael Dameski (Contemporary) -- WORLD FINALIST

who won world of dance 2018 season 2 episode 16 recap finale Michael Dameski  winner dancer Australian divisional finals upper results world finalist september 12
Michael Dameski is the Upper Divisional Finals winner. He will move on to the World Finals on Sept. 12 Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBC

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 100
  • Jennifer: 95.0
  • Derek: 98.0
  • Misty: 98.0
  • Overall Score: 97.8 --- MOVING TO WORLD FINAL

Junior Team #1 The Lab (Hip-Hop) -- WORLD FINALIST

the lab world, of, dance, 2018, world final recap, results, who won season 2 finale
The Lab makes a comeback on World of Dance season 2. They acheived nearly a perfect score during the Divisional Finals and are moving on to the World Final September 12. NBCUniversal

The team routine features a classroom-theme where the dancers break out of thier desks and put on a riveting performance that had Ne-Yo jumping up and down on stage.

"It was so smart, so competitive, so creative. Everything about that was exceptional," said Derek.

"Y'all are disruptive and I loved every disruptive minute of it," said Jennifer.

"I saw you guys last season and you were incredibly then but this was so much better," said Misty, "You earned this."

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 100
  • Jennifer: 100
  • Derek: 100
  • Misty: 99
  • Overall Score: 99.8 -- MOVING TO WORLD FINAL

Junior Team #2: The Rock Company (Contemporary) -- ELIMINATED

World of dance season 2 episode 15 recap results divisional finals the rock company las began dancers tragedy Nevada junior who won who was eliminated
WORLD OF DANCE Season: 2 -- The Rock Company Andrew Eccles/NBC

Clothed in all white, the group put on a beautiful and uplifting performance that featured perfectly coordinated spin and turns that are impressive for such young dancers.

"It was really very typically Rock Company … beautiful," said Jennifer.

"You are fantastic dancers … that was gorgeous," said Ne-Yo.

"Technically what you are doing at your age is really beyond what you should be able to do … bravo," said Misty.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 91
  • Jennifer: 92
  • Derek: 91
  • Misty: 92
  • Overall Score: 91.5

Junior Team #3: The Fabulous Sister (Urban Dance) -- ELIMINATED

world of dance season 2 episode 15 recap divisional finals results who went home dancers Fabulous Sisters (Junior Team) Fukushima Japan junior team divisional finalists
Fabulous Sisters (Junior Team) Trae Patton/NBC

Sporting the traditional Japanese garb and stylized dance routines the group has become known for, Fabulous Sisters put on yet another performance that leaves viewers both amazed and overwhelmed by what they've seen. The performance felt a little less "together" than some of their earlier routines.

"It's not just the winning, it's how you play the game, and you are some of the fierest competitors to hit the stage," said Jennifer.

"This performance was fantasic ... well done," said Derek.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 93
  • Jennifer: 91
  • Derek: 92
  • Misty: 91
  • Overall Score: 92

Upper Team #1 The Ruggeds (B-Boys/Breakdance) -- ELIMINATED

the ruggeds world of dance season 2 episode 15 recap results divisional finals breakdance b boys who went home stayed eliminated world finals season finale winner
The Ruggeds Andrew Eccles/NBC

One of the team suffered an injury which led to him performing on crutches, but the team still brought thier A-game. Using a combination of shadow,light and music to draw attention to their moves, the werewolf-themed performance was certainly unique, while featured plenty of impressive breakdance moves to keep the crowd cheering.

"It felt so thought out, I think you guys were wonderful," said Misty.

"When I saw the light and the four of you being one person and just in the air … it was so beautiful and so creative," said Jennifer. "You definitely belong in the next round of the competition."

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 92
  • Jennifer: 92
  • Derek: 92
  • Misty: 90
  • Overall Score: 91.5

Upper Team #2: S-Rank (Hip-Hop) -- WORLD FINALISTS

world, of, dance, 2018, world final, who won season 2, who is the winner recap, results, s-rank, hip. Hip upper team
WORLD OF DANCE Season 2 -- S-Rank Andrew Eccles/NBC

S-Rank are the kings of the "stanky" moves and there was plenty of that featured in tonight's astronaut-themed performance.

"That got me feeling everything ... I love you guys," said Misty.

"As long as you make it personal and real we're gonna feel it and we defintinely fel that performance," said Jennifer.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 96
  • Jennifer: 94
  • Derek: 93
  • Misty: 93
  • Overall Score: 94

Upper Team #3: Poreotics -- ELIMINATED

poreotics World, dance, 2018 season 2 episode 15 recap, results divisional finals who, left, eliminated, cut, tonight, went, home, won
WORLD OF DANCE Season 2: Poreotics NBC

While the team has focused heavily on humorous dance routines in the past, tonight they took on a dark and robotic theme. Unfortunately there was a fall towards the end that will likely send them home.

"As an all around performance .. it was amazing. I thought you did a fantastic job," said Derek.

"It was entertaining, but I was kind of waiting on the wow," said Ne-Yo.

"I'm coming into this with fresh eyes and I felt this wasn't as good as it could have been," said Misty.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 85
  • Jennifer: 87
  • Derek: 88
  • Misty: 87
  • Overall Score: 86.8

Junior #1: Charity and Andres (Contemporary) -- WORLD FINALISTS

charity and Andres World, dance, 2018, season 2, episode 15,  divisional finals recap, results, who, left, eliminated, tonight, divisional, finals, went, home, perfect 100 score couple contemporary dance win winners world final
Charity and Andres managed a perfect score of three 100s during The Duels. The couple will now move on to the World Finals on September 12. Andrew Eccles/NBC

Charity suffered an injury during practice and is dancing with a broken toe. The perfect couple still managed to put on a riveting performance for the judges. it would be difficult to tell that Charity was working with an injury as Andres did an excellent job of picking up the slack and showcasing some of his own impressive flips and turns.

"As dancers, so much of our balance and groundedness comes from our feet, so the fact you could do that with a broken toe, just demonstrates what a poerful dancer you are," said Misty.

"Andres, for you this was a stellar routine. You got to shine in this one ... I think you guys were amazing tonight," said Jennifer.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 93
  • Jennifer: 92
  • Derek: 94
  • Misty: 93
  • Overall Score: 93

Junior #2: Jaxon Willard -- ELIMINATED

Jaxon willard World, dance, 2018, divisional finals recap, results, who, left, eliminated, season, 2, episode, 15, tonight, who went home winner won
WORLD OF DANCE Season: 2 -- Pictured: Jaxon Willard Andrew Eccles/NBC

Jaxon is a strong and talented dancer, but tonight's performance seemed a little underwhelming after his emotional number last week.

"Beyond this show, beyond dance and everything, you are enough--you always have been," said Derek. "This performance was great, but I wanted to see a little bit more."

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 87
  • Jennifer: 87
  • Derek: 88
  • Misty: 89
  • Overall Score: 87.8

Junior #3: Sean and Kaycee - ELIMINATED

kaycee-and-sean-world-of-dance-season 2 episode 14 live blog results divisional finals the cut 2
Sea and Kaycee NBC

Sean and Kaycee are so in sync in every performance they out on, it can be hard to find fault in any of it. This routine felt slightly more subdied than some of their earlier routines, but it incorporated a pouring rain prop at the end that elevated the whole thing.

"You are a savage. I liked that you added the water element. it should you were trying to push the envelope. This for me was a strong routine," said Jennifer.

I have never seen you guys and I was blown away ... you compliment each other so well," said Misty.

The Judges' scores were as follows:

  • Ne-Yo: 91
  • Jennifer:95
  • Derek: 91
  • Misty: 92
  • Overall Score: 92.3

When Does 'World of Dance' Air Next?

World of Dance returns for the final episode of the season, the World Finals on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC. You can also stream the show the day after it airs on Hulu and NBC.com.