‘World of Dance’ 2018 Qualifiers 3 Recap: Which Dancers Made it to the Duels?

Who will make it through the third night of qualifiers on “World of Dance”? Find out everything you need to know about tonight’s episode along with live-blogged results and recap after the show, here.

World of Dance’s third night of qualifiers kicks off Tuesday, June 12 at 10 p.m. EDT. During tonight's episode, talented dancers of all ages will once again take the stage to impress the judges, moving one step closer to the million dollar grand prize. In last week’s show, none of the six groups to perform were sent home, so it’s possible that tonight we’ll see a double elimination.

As with last year, dancers from around the world will audition for the judges in the third night of qualifiers. The expert judges (Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough and Ne-Yo) then score the acts according to World of Dance ’s specific set of criteria: Performance, Technique, Choreography, Creativity and Presentation. Dancers can receive up to 100 points from each judge. All acts that receive a score of 80 points or more will qualify for the next round of the competition, Duels.

More than 70 acts signed up to appear before the judges in Season 2. Dance groups are placed in one of four age-based categories: Junior (17 years old and under, 1-4 dancers), Junior Team (17 years old and under, 5-15 dancers), Upper (18 years old and older, 1-4 dancers), and Upper Team (18 years old and older, 5-15 dancers).

Once tonight’s show kicks off, we’ll we adding live updates and recap information on who made it through the third night of qualifiers. In the meantime, if you missed last week’s show,  you can check out our full recap here.

World of Dance Season 2 Episode 3 Live Blog and Recap: Who Made It Through The Third Night of Qualifiers?

the ruggeds world of dance season 2 episode 15 recap results divisional finals breakdance b boys who went home stayed eliminated world finals season finale winner The Ruggeds Andrew Eccles/NBC

The Ruggeds (Upper Team)

The first group to take the stage, this breakdancing bunch of B-Boys was enjoyable to watch but the judges agreed the choreography could use some work. In a couple of sections, some of the guys weren't dancing in sync and Derek commented that these elements needed tightening. "We see the potential. It’s yours for the taking, but it’s up top you," said Ne-Yo. The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 83.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 82.0
  •  Derek - 85.0
  • Overall score: 83.3 

Josh and Taylor (Junior)

world of dance season 2 episode 14 recap results the cut 2 josh and Taylor hip hop contemporary 2018 eliminated divisional finals Josh and Taylor Andrew Eccles/NBC

This contemporary/hip-hop duo danced a tight number that got the judges on their feet. "There were a lot of moments to love in this," said Ne-Yo. The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 92.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 94.0
  •  Derek - 94.0
  • Overall score: 93.3 

Lock N LOL Crew (Junior Team)

world of dance 2018 season 2 episode 14 lock n Laugh Out Loud crew pop and lock hip hop dancers eliminated the cut 2 final scores divisional finals Lock N Lol Crew Andrew Eccles/NBC

This energetic team of Pop and Lock hip-hop dancers put on an energetic show but the judges weren't sure it'll be enough to keep them in the competition long term. Calling their act "pure entertainment" Jennifer let the crew know they'll need to keep bringing something new each week if they want to win. Meanwhile, Derek and Ne-Yo praised their colorful costumes. The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 80.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 79.0
  •  Derek - 84.0
  • Overall score: 81.0 

Michael Dameski (Upper)

world of dance 2018 season 2 episode 3 recap michael damask Australia contemporary dancer Michael Dameski Andrew Eccles/NBC

This Australian contemporary dancer stole the show and the judge's hearts. While Derek praised the dancer's strength and technique, Jennifer gushed about the gorgeous and dangerous nature of the performance. "It had a sense of keeping you on the edge of your seat and it was exciting." The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 94.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 90.0
  •  Derek - 94.0
  • Overall score: 92.7 

LD Dance Co (Upper Team)

world of dance ld dance co season 2 episode 3 recap LD Dance Company Andrew Eccles/NBC

This team will not be moving forward in the competition. The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 73.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 79.0
  •  Derek - 71.0
  • Overall score: 74.33

The Rascals (Junior Team)

world of dance 2018 season 2 episode 3 the rascals hip hop junior dance team The Rascals Andrew Eccles/NBC

This Hip-Hop dance crew came out on the floor full of energy, giving a smashing performance. "That was like a shot out of a cannon," said Derek. "Your personality is off the charts." Meanwhile, Jennifer advised them to tone it down a little in upcoming routines. The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 83.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 83.0
  •  Derek - 88.0
  • Overall score: 84.7

Elektro Botz (Upper)

NUP_181370_1526 Elektro Botz Andrew Eccles/NBC

This trio of robotic dancers had some impressive moves and choreography that had the audience cheering throughout and got some screams from the judges as well. "In the robot stuff we don't usually get the personality, but this had it," said Ne-Yo. "It was so narrative," said Jennifer. "You smashed it. The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 88.0
  •  Ne-Yo - 93.0
  •  Derek - 86.0
  • Overall score: 89.0


When Does World of Dance Air Next? How Do I Watch It?

World of Dance returns Tuesday, June 19 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC. Be sure to tune in then for Qualifiers Night 4. You can also stream the show the day after it airs on Hulu and NBC.com.