'World of Dance' Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Results: Which Dancers Made It to the Duels?

Who will make it through the fourth night of qualifiers on World of Dance? Find out everything you need to know about tonight's episode, along with live blogged results and a recap after the show, here.

World of Dance Season 2 episode 4 kicks off Tuesday, June 19 at 10 p.m. EDT, featuring the fourth round of qualifiers. During tonight's episode, talented dancers of all ages will once again take the stage to impress the judges, moving one step closer to the million-dollar grand prize. In last week's show, five of the six acts performing for the judges received scores earning them a spot in the upcoming duels. This week, six more acts will perform in hopes of moving on to the next stage of the competition.

If you aren't familiar with how the judging works on World of Dance, acts are assessed in five key areas: Performance, Technique, Choreography, Creativity and Presentation. Dancers can earn up to 20 points in each of these areas from a judge. Once all judges' scores are in, they are averaged, yielding the final score, which must be above 80 to stay in the competition.

As soon as tonight's show kicks off, we'll be adding live updates and recap information about who made it through the fourth night of qualifiers. In the meantime, if you missed last week's show, here's a rundown of all the teams who have made it through the qualifier rounds so far. You can also check out a full recap from last week's show, here.

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World of Dance Season 2 Episode 4 Results and Recap: Who Made It Through the Fourth Round of Qualifiers?

World of dance season 2 episode 14 the cut 2 recap live blog results ballroom dancers junior Jonas and Ruby divisional finals
Jonas and Ruby (Junior) (Photo by: Andrew Eccles/NBC)

Jonas and Ruby (Junior)

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The first duo to take the stage is pair of teenage ballroom dancers. From the minute Jonas and Ruby hit the stage in their red and black garb, they have the crowds cheering for their red-hot performance. The 14 and 15-year-old completely own the stage.

"You work beautifully in sync but there was something about your attack," said Jennifer. "Super strong performance quality. I think that was the thing that hit me the most."

The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 87.0
  • Ne-Yo - 85.0
  • Derek - 82.0
  • Overall score: 84.7

The Bradas (Upper Team)

World of dance season 2 episode 14 recap live blog results the cut 2 results scores The Bradas hip hop New Zealand upper group Andrew Eccles/NBC
The Bradas (Upper Team) Andrew Eccles/NBC

The Hip-Hop dance crew from New Zealand is working hard to let the audience know there's more than Hobbit hills where they come from. The team pulled off some smooth and coordinated dance moves that showed great skill and some serious core strength.

"The formations were super clean and everything was intentional, said Derek.

"It was amazing to watch this because you guys made difficult things look easy," added Ne-Yo.

The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 92.0
  • Ne-Yo - 85.0
  • Derek - 86.0
  • Overall score: 87.7

Lucas (Junior)

World of dance season 2 episode 4 recap live blog results Lucas Marinetto tap dancer Virginia  Andrew Eccles/NBC
Lucas Marinetto (Junior) Andrew Eccles/NBC

This lively young tap dancer took the stage full of confidence and swag. Bringing a modern element to his choreography, Lucas' performance was one of the "coolest" routines we've seen.

"All tap men are showmen and you are a showman," said Jennifer. "I felt that with you. You have an innate sense that it is about the crowd and all great performers know it's about them."

The judges gave Lucas a lot of constructive feedback on how to hone his dance skills as he moves forward in the competition.

The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 82.0
  • Ne-Yo - 84.0
  • Derek - 84.0
  • Overall score: 82.7

Expressenz (Junior Group)

World of dance season 2 episode 13 recap the cut 1 live blog results Expressenz contemporary dance group Indiana
Expressenz (Junior Group) Andrew Eccles/NBC

This Indiana-based contemporary dance group hit the stage running and ready. The performance was both beautiful and emotional while remaining perfectly in coordinated.

"Those turns were so in sync -- it's crazy," said Hough.

"You have an effortless elegance," said Ne-Yo. "The one thing that fell short for me was the emotion. Authenticate it, and you guys will be hard to beat."

The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 90.0
  • Ne-Yo - 84.0
  • Derek - 87.0
  • Overall score: 87.0

Poreotics (Upper Team)

World of dance season 2 episode 4 recap live blog results Poreotics pop and lock hip hop robotics team
Poreotics Andrew Eccles/NBC

This hip dance team brought with it a mixture of Robotics, Pop and Lock dance moves and choreography to make up the unique performance that had Jennifer grooving along with them.

"I think you have all the ingredients to do well in this competition, but you need a bit more," said Derek.

"You need to come out here and show people something they haven't seen before," said Ne-Yo.

Jennifer, on the other hand, didn't agree. "My eyes were glued to you the whole time."

The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 90.0
  • Ne-Yo - 87.0
  • Derek - 87.0
  • Overall score: 88.0

Eva Igo (Junior)

World of dance season 2 episode 4 recap live blog results Eva Igo season 1 runner up contemporary 15 years old Minnesota
Eva Igo (Junior) Andrew Eccles/NBC

15-year-old Season 1 runner-up Eva Igo is back and boy, are the judges excited! From the moment she launches into it, Eva's performance is confident and fierce, with flawless execution. She seemed to be the dancer to beat this season and the crowd went wild.

"That was signature Eva, but like 2018 version," said Jennifer. "It's a whole new level of intensity and passion … I'm a little afraid of what we are going to see this year."

"You blew me away, again. I get the chills when I watch you," said Derek.

"You are a joy to watch … I'm happy that you're back," said Ne-Yo.

The judges' scores were as follows:

  • Jennifer - 95.0
  • Ne-Yo - 96.0
  • Derek - 94.0
  • Overall score: 95.0

Which Teams Made It Through Qualifier Nights 1 - 3?

Karen y Ricardo world of dance 2018 season 2 qualifiers recap who won which dancers go to duels
Karen y Ricardo are one of 18 acts have earned a place in the World Of Dance Season 2 Duels so far. Justin Lubin/NBC


  • Charity and Andres (Contemporary)- Overall Score: 95.3
  • Sean & Kaycee (Hip-Hop Fusion) - Overall Score: 96.0
  • Jaxon Willard (Contemporary)- Overall score: 94.0
  • Josh and Taylor (Contemporary/Hip-Hop)- Overall Score: 93.3

Junior Team

  • The Lab (Hip-Hop)- Overall Score: 94.0
  • Fabulous Sisters (Fusion)- Overall Score: 94.7
  • FLIP(Hip-Hop/Urban)- Overall Score: 83.0
  • Lock N LOL Crew (Pop and Lock)- Overall Score: 81.0
  • The Rascals (Hip-Hop)- Overall Score: 84.7


  • Pasha and Daniella (Ballroom) - Overall Score: 86.3
  • BDash and Konkrete (Krump)- Overall Score: 94.3
  • Karen y Ricardo (Latin Cabaret) - Overall Score: 99.7
  • Michael Dameski (Contemporary)- Overall Score: 92.7
  • Elektro Botz (Robotic)- Overall Score: 89.0

Upper Team

  • Connection (Hip-Hop)- Overall Score: 90.7
  • Desi Hoppers (Hip-Hop) - Overall Score: 96.0
  • S-Rank (Hip-Hop)- Overall score: 91.0
  • The Ruggeds (Break Dance/B-Boys) - Overall Score: 83.3

When Does World of Dance Air Next? How Do I Watch It?

World of Dance returns for Qualifiers Night 5 on Tuesday, June 26 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC. You can also stream the show the day after it airs on Hulu and NBC.com.

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