The World's Most Instagrammed Tourist Attractions

These #nofilter destinations are tops with 'grammers.
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The World's Most Instagrammed Tourist Attractions Getty

Photos have been a part of vacations for nearly 200 years, but never has the perfect shot been so crucial: According to Expedia, a growing number of Millennials care more about how their vacation social media turned out than the actual experience. And 42 percent of them say they make their vacation plans based on their friends' social media pics. (Ironically Millennials actually get the least amount of vacation time of all generations, and they take shorter trips.)

But where does the social-media generation go? TravelBird ranked the world's top tourist spots by how many times they were mentioned in a hashtag. (Note: Only the top two destinations in each region was included.) Not surprising, the U.S. is home to many. Paris also does well, but further-afield faves included India and the Emirates.

Click through the slideshow below for the most Insta-friendly tourist spots on Earth.

01 Zion
50. Zion National Park, Utah. USA. Number of tags: 386,614. Getty Images