World's Oldest Man Bob Weighton Dies From Cancer Aged 112

The world's oldest man has died from cancer at the age of 112, his family have said.

A Yorkshire-born former teacher and engineer, Bob Weighton died peacefully in his sleep from cancer, on the morning of Thursday, May 28 at his flat in Alton, Hampshire.

Confirming his death to the PA new agency, his family said in a statement: "With great sadness, the Weighton family announces the death of our beloved Bob Weighton.

"He died peacefully in his sleep, from cancer, on the morning of Thursday 28 May 2020 at his flat in Alton, Hampshire, where he lived independently.

"Aged 112, Bob was the oldest man in the world."

Bob had lived through the reigns of five British monarchs, 22 U.K. prime ministers and 21 presidents of the U.S.

His long life also saw him live through three London Olympics and the two world wars, surviving the Spanish flu and cholera.

His family went on to describe him as an "extraordinary man" and as a role model, with interests in "theology, politics and ecology", which he continued to pursue right up until his death.

His final birthday celebration took place on March 29, a week into the lockdown restrictions imposed by prime minister Boris Johnson in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Robert Weighton was the world's oldest man
Robert Weighton was the world's oldest man Getty

Those who reach the age of 100, 105 and older are eligible to receive a birthday card from the Queen, however Bob declined the opportunity to do so, because he didn't feel it was right to get one at the taxpayer's expense and he had received at least 10 from her already.

Bob was born in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, on March 29, 1908.

The title of world's oldest man has now fallen to Dumitru Comanescu, who lives in Romania at the age of 111 years and seven months.

The Gerontology Research Group, a group of researchers who verify and track supercentenarians, or people who are at least 110 years old in a list of the verified oldest people, wrote in a press release: "Awarded by the Bucharest City Hall, through the Bucharest Center for Seniors within the Centennial Life Project, the Bucharest resident is currently the oldest living man on the planet, according to The Gerontology Research Group."

Dumitru said he was "honored" to hold the title of world's oldest man.

"I feel honored and blessed to be, officially, the oldest man in the world and to represent Romania at the highest level! It's incredible! I want to thank all those who stood beside me, who have helped and supported me over the years, family, friends, and relatives", Dumitru Comanescu told the Bucharest Center for Seniors.

The world's oldest person is a Japanese lady called Kane Tanka, at the age of 117.

Born on January 2 1903, she is not only the world's oldest person but is also the seventh verified oldest person in recorded history, according to the Guinness World Records.

The supercentenarian has had several operations - including one for cataracts and another for colorectal cancer and now lives at her home in Fukuoka, Japan.

Robert Weighton was the world's oldest man
Robert Weighton was the world's oldest man Getty
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