The World's Worst Boyfriend Wants $250 From Girlfriend Who Accidentally Washed His AirPods

Yet another Reddit man wants his girlfriend to pay him for something that she shouldn't have to. In a post shared on r/AmITheA**hole [AITA] on Monday, a man explained that he asked his girlfriend for $250 because she did his laundry and accidentally washed his Airpods.

The man was upset about the girlfriend's lack of oversight—for not realizing that he left his Airpods in the pockets of his sweatpants. (He explained that he didn't remember the headphones were in the pockets, but never mind that, nothing to see here, totally not his own fault.)

A pair of the new Apple AirPods are seen during a launch event on September 7, 2016, in San Francisco, California. Stephen Lam/Getty

At the end of the laundry's wash cycle, the man's girlfriend told him about the mix-up. "That's where I got furious," the man, u/1942DonJulio, wrote. "Told her 'How can you be so clueless to not check pockets before washing.' She Said [sic] 'I'm sorry it was an honest mistake' I replied 'I'm sure it was but your mistake cost me $250'."

In an attempt to make up for the Airpod cost—and probably to buy new ones—the man "demanded" she hand over $250 immediately. "I told her I need $250 Right now no excuses," he wrote. Apparently, he didn't see any value in her apology or explanation—or, you know, recognize his own carelessness.

Most charming of all is the post's last line: "If this was a job and you cost them money they would fire you and make you pay them back. No expectations [sic] here just because I'm her boyfriend [in my opinion]."

The thread has (somehow) yet to officially declare whether the man is the a**hole, but many Reddit commenters weighed in and said this guy is certainly not a good boyfriend.

"[You're the a**hole] OBVIOUSLY," the top comment, by u/cadwallader, reads. "She's clueless? You're an adult. YOU forgot to take them out of your pockets. Come on now. Way to blame someone else for your mistake. Then you're demanding it now and comparing it to a job? HOW is that the same? What's wrong with you?"

This isn't the first time the guy at the center of this thread has shared a complaint related to a girlfriend and money. He also commented on a post yesterday that asked about his worst ex-girlfriend story. "I guess one thing she did when we spilt she took my 7 day unlimited metro card. Cost me $34 to buy a new one," he wrote.

In another post, he also offered his take on what it means to be "nice," but not necessarily a "nice guy." "There's a difference between a "Nice guy" and being nice," he wrote. "Being a nice guy is just putting her first for everything and expecting she owes you something for it. Make your needs known." Just my thoughts, but not sure that really tracks!

Apparently, this guy also has a controversial history on the AITA page, too. One user called him out for a previous post in which he claimed to watch homemade porn featuring his ex-girlfriends while being in a new relationship. Some Redditors told him to come clean to his current girlfriend, and, well... you can read that full story, if you dare, here.