WrestleMania 34 Live Results: Who Left New Orleans On Top?

There are 13 confirmed matches for WrestleMania 34 between the kickoff and main show. New feuds will form and new champions will be crowned during the Showcase of the Immortals this Sunday, April 8. The WrestleMania 34 kickoff begins at 5 p.m. EDT with the main show beginning at 7 p.m. but the biggest storylines heading into the event involve the WWE's biggest titles.

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura will fight for the WWE Championship in a dream match on the biggest stage in the company. Nakamura and Styles have traded psychological blows in the weeks prior and the two superstars are looking to steal the show.

For the Universal Title, Brock Lesnar defends against Roman Reigns in what has been a hard-hitting feud. With Lesnar likely heading back to UFC, is the title a lock for Reigns to win?

There are a ton of matches and segments likely to happen during WrestleMania 34, so let's get down to the live results.

Note: The results are still being compiled. We'll update as matches conclude.

Here Are The Live WrestleMania 34 Results

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

  • Aiden English is the first one eliminated.
  • Matt Hardy wins after eliminating Baron Corbin with the help of Bray Wyatt who wasn't in the match. The two hug at the end and are apparently partners now.

Cedric Alexander vs Mustafa Ali - Cruiserweight Championship

  • Cedric Alexander defeats Ali via pinfall after a Lumbar Check

WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal

  • Carmella is the first eliminated.
  • Naomi wins by eliminating Bayley after Bayley eliminated frenemy Sasha Banks.

The Miz vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins - Intercontinental Championship

  • Seth Rollins pins The Miz after a Stomp.

Charlotte Flair vs Asuka - SmackDown Women's Championship

  • Charlotte wins via submission after a Figure Eight.
  • Asuka tells Charlotte she "was ready for Asuka" and congratulates her.
  • After the match, a ref tells John Cena something about The Undertaker and he runs from the audience to the back.

Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal vs Rusev vs Bobby Roode - US Championship

  • Jinder Mahal pins Rusev with a Kalas .

Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle vs Stephanie McMahon/Triple H

  • Rousey/Angle wins via submission after Ronda gets the Arm Bar on Stephanie.

New Day vs Usos vs Bludgeon Brothers - SmackDown Tag Team Championship

  • Bludgeon Brothers win via pinfall after a sitdown powerbomb from the top rope from Harper to Kofi.

John Cena vs Undertaker

  • John Cena comes out after the SmackDown Tag Team titles and waits in the ring until a ref runs and gives him what appears to be bad news. He starts to walk to the back then the lights go out and Elias comes out. Cena goes back to his seat but after some scathing words, John goes into the ring and fights Elias. The lights go out again as Cena walks to the back, and when the lights come up Taker's hat and coat are in the middle of the ring. Lightning strikes the gear and the lights go out. When the lights come up the clothes are gone. The Undertaker's music plays and he enters the arena to fight John Cena.
  • Undertaker defeats Cena via pinfall after a Tombstone

Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens/Sami Zayne

  • KO and Sami blindside Shane and Daniel before the bell rings and Bryan is tended to by doctors.
  • Shane starts the match fighting by himself but Bryan eventually rejoins the match.
  • Shane/Bryan win after Daniel Bryan makes Sami Zayn submit with a Yes Lock.

Alexa Bliss (with Mickie James) vs Nia Jax - RAW Women's Championship

  • Before the bell, Nia takes out Mickie James.
  • Nia defeats Bliss via pinfall after a Samoan Drop from the second rope.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE Championship

  • AJ Styles defeats Nakamura via pinfall after a Styles Clash.
  • After the match, Nakamura hits AJ with a low blow and taunts him.

The Bar vs Braun Strowman/Mystery Partner - RAW Tag Team Championship

  • Strowman comes out with no tag partner and picks a kid named Nicholas from the crowd.
  • Braun pins Cesaro after a Running Powerslam and Braun and Nocholas are the new champs.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar - Universal Championship

  • Lesnar defeats Roman via pinfall after performing multiple F-5s, including through two tables. Roman also suffered a severe laceration on his forehead during the match.